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Hi all


I am really fan of the Fibaro marked - and i im thinking of an extra option.


There are so few products working out of the box with Fibaro HC3

I would like to have integration for these products - and NO mittleware - and i have no problem paying for a working integration

For my the fun is doing the automations and not the integrations.

I guess there is other people like me that dont have all the time in the world just for creating integrations - and i can also see that several people have coding skills that would take me years to reach.


What should it cost? I miss a place to trade with integration. Where people can request and -  people having the time, energy and skills  can do the programming.

  • Roth Touchline - underfloor heating
  • iRobot
  • Nilan 
  • Velux KLF200
  • siemens home connect


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i can't help, busy till end of this year woth other projects. There are some forum members who can definitely help, like @jgab, @petergebruers or @10der


You might ask Fibaro Premium Support -> http://more.fibaro.com/


Velux KLF200 - from QuickApp will not work, i have posted some encryption libs, however haven't managed to get TLS over sockts to get working, so this can be implemented with 3d part hw between or as plugin (by Fibaro - they could implement just TLS Sockets as plugin and the other part could be done as QuickApp. Benefit for everybody who need TLS sockets, and easier to maintain the Quick Apps) @A.Socha might be the person to ask for TLS plugin (just actions/properties)


siemens home connect - was on my to-do - that can be done with Quick App already, only some rest oauth calls, API is very nice documented


Nilan - afaik it is modbus, physical not over http, so one need adapter between and yes modbus http can be implemented as Quick App


Roth Touchline - should be the easiest one, as Quick App, only some calls.



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Thank you @tinman

For the Velux - i'll wait - i know something is cooking at Velux. ;-)

For Nilan - i already have the mittleware / Adapter. It a ESP8266 and a modbus interface that provides read/write for the Nilan with http / url 


I would to to have a little kickstart help for the siemens home connect and Roth Touchline :-)

Acually the siemens home connect is my primary focus.

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9 minutes ago, ChristianSogaard said:

Acually the siemens home connect is my primary focus.


they have even nice command set for postman, so you can test how that works and actually copy/paste into some already published QA (you need one with oauth)






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Thank you Tinman.

I tried working with postman.

When doing the oauth - i recieve a "Invalid grant: authorization code is invalid"


Could it be because when importing the API to postman, it automatic uses the "API Web Client" instead of the "CoopTop"?

where in postman do i change the "client ID" used ?








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you have to select the evironment (top right in postman), the API is using scriptig which will update variables, which are necessary for next steps

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attached small example QA, Home Connect Device Flow, all you need is to create app for device flow change client_id, client_secret and click buttons




at the end your appliance should get listed.


Not included - token refresh, actions, etc. It is login/get token/list applainces example, normally one should add checks and loop for token refresh (something like each every 20-23hrs), and of course actions for your home connect. The best would be probably to change theQA to device controller type, and add child devices based on appliance list.




there is sha lib insode this QA, normally not necessary, leaved just in case


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WAUU, thank you @tinman I will play with this right away.

My plan is to build an automation for my kitchen. 

my house is very airtight so when the extractor hood is running, the suction is not efficient.

To solve this - I will stop the Nilan and open the Velux in the kitchen.


So the Automation will start when Siemens CookTop is being used - then the extractor hood will start. Stop NIlan to prevent food smell being blown around in the house and the Velux should be opened a little . Letting the extractor hood work better :-)


So everything starts with Home Connect :-) i just need to build a Sensor in Fibaro, detecting if CookTop is being used or not - or even better - telling how much power the cooktop is using - so i also can control the speed of the extractor hood





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sound cool .. if it works :)


btw, you will have probably to add some scopes here:


scope = urlencode("IdentifyAppliance Monitor")


i simply added the minimum, to connect and monitor. Simply add the names from




separated by space

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