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Changing http request from HC2 VD to HC3 QuickApp ("Robonect"- modul for Husqvarner Automower)



Hello guys,


for the first: english ist not my first language - sorry!


I have on HC2 a running VD to integrate a ROBONECT-modul (www.robonect.de) on HC2. Now, i am a owner of a HC3 (5.110.15) and i will change the request to HC3 Quickapp.
The running code on VD  for get a http request for status looks like this:


-- Setze Verbindungsdaten
-- hole ip adresse aus virtuellem modul
local selfId = fibaro:getSelfId()
local mowerIP = fibaro:get(selfId, "IPAddress")
local mowerPort = fibaro:get(selfId, "TCPPort")
local versuche = 3
-- setze variable MOWER aus IP und Logindaten
MOWER = Net.FHttp(mowerIP)
--check Onlinestatus
local function _ping(retry)
    fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.OLStatus.value", "Starte Online-Check")
    retry = retry or 0
    local tcpSocket = Net.FTcpSocket(mowerIP, mowerPort)
    --fibaro:debug('Suche..., versuche #' .. retry .. ' bitte warten...')
    local bytes, errorCode = tcpSocket:write('ping')

    if errorCode == 0 then
        return true
        if retry < versuche then
        --fibaro:debug('Nicht gefunden, erneut versuchen, bitte warten...')
    return _ping(retry + 1)
    return false

local f, result = pcall(_ping)

if (f) then
    if (result == true) 

        fibaro:debug(mowerIP.. ':' .. mowerPort .. ' wurde gefunden,')
        fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.OLStatus.value", "Mower ist Online");
        fibaro:debug("Status wird abgefragt");

        fibaro:debug("Status online - starte Abfragen");
        fibaro:debug(mowerIP.. ':' .. mowerPort .. ' wurde nicht gefunden.')
        fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.OLStatus.value", "Mower ist Offline")
        fibaro:debug("Status des Automower wird aufgrund mangelnder Erreichbarkeit nicht abgefragt")
        fibaro:debug("Status wurde nicht abgefragt, warte für 5 Minuten)");

    fibaro:debug('Error: ' .. f)

-- geting info about specific device
  response = MOWER:GET("/json?cmd=status")
-- decoding json string to table
  extractedjson = json.decode(response)

-- "status/battery": "Battery Status"
-- "status/duration": "Mode Duration"
-- "status/hours": "Hours"
-- "status/mode": "Mode"
-- "status/status": "Status"
-- "timer/status": "Timer Status"

  battery = extractedjson.status.battery
  duration = extractedjson.status.duration
  hours = extractedjson.status.hours
  AM_Status = extractedjson.status.status
  AM_Mode = extractedjson.status.mode
  AM_Timer = extractedjson.timer.status
 -- Error_ = extractedjson.error.status


  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelBatterystatus.value",(battery).." %");
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelModeDuration.value",(duration).." s");
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelHours.value",(hours).."h");
  --fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelMode.value",(AM_Mode));

  --fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelStatus.value",(AM_Status));

  --fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelTimer.value",(AM_Timer));

--fibaro:debug("Status Auswertung gestartet") 
--fibaro:debug("Autmowerstatus = "..AM_Status)
fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelStatus.value","Check Mowerstatus");
if (AM_Status == 17) then
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelStatus.value"," Automower schläft");
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "currentIcon","1013");
  fibaro:log("Status: Automower schläft")
  fibaro:setGlobal("MowerStatus", "sleeping")
  --fibaro:debug("Automower schläft")
elseif (AM_Status == 1) then
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelStatus.value"," Automower parkt/hat gestoppt");
   fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "currentIcon","1017");
  fibaro:log("Status: Automower parkt")
  --fibaro:debug("Automower parkt")
  fibaro:setGlobal("MowerStatus", "parking")
elseif (AM_Status == 2) then
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelStatus.value"," Automower mäht");
   fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "currentIcon","1010");
  fibaro:log("Status: Automower mäht")
  --fibaro:debug("Automower mäht")
  fibaro:setGlobal("MowerStatus", "mowing")
elseif (AM_Status == 3) then
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelStatus.value"," Automower sucht die Ladestation");
   fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "currentIcon","1014");
  fibaro:log("Status: Automower sucht die Ladestation")
  --fibaro:debug("Automower sucht die Ladestation")
  fibaro:setGlobal("MowerStatus", "searching")
elseif (AM_Status == 4) then
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelStatus.value"," Automower lädt");
   fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "currentIcon","1016");
  fibaro:log("Status: Automower lädt")
  --fibaro:debug("Automower lädt")
  fibaro:setGlobal("MowerStatus", "charging")
elseif (AM_Status == 5) then
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelStatus.value"," Automower sucht (manuell umsetzen)");
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "currentIcon","1015");
  fibaro:log("Status: Automower sucht (manuell umsetzen)")
  --fibaro:debug("Automower sucht (manuell umsetzen)")
elseif (AM_Status == 7) then
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelStatus.value"," Fehlerstatus");
  fibaro:log("Status: Fehlerstatus")
elseif (AM_Status == ? then
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelStatus.value"," Schleifensignal verloren");
   fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "currentIcon","1012");
  fibaro:log("Status: Automower Schleifensignal verloren")
  --fibaro:debug("Automower Schleifensignal verloren")
  fibaro:setGlobal("MowerStatus", "lost_signal")
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelState.value"," Error");
  fibaro:log("Status: Ladefehler")
fibaro:setGlobal("AM_Status", AM_Status);
fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelMode.value","Check Mowermodus");


--fibaro:debug("Modus Auswertung gestartet")

if (AM_Mode == 0) then
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelMode.value"," Auto");
  fibaro:log("Mode: Auto")
    fibaro:setGlobal("MowerMode", "Auto")
elseif (AM_Mode == 1) then
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelMode.value"," Manuell");
  fibaro:log("Mode: Manuell")
  fibaro:setGlobal("MowerMode", "Man")
elseif (AM_Mode == 2) then
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelMode.value"," Home");
  fibaro:log("Mode: Home")
  fibaro:setGlobal("MowerMode", "Home")
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelMode.value"," Error");
  fibaro:log("Mode: Fehler")

  fibaro:setGlobal("AM_Mode", AM_Mode);
fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelTimer.value","Check Timermodus");


--fibaro:debug("Timer Auswertung gestartet")

if (AM_Timer == 0) then
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelTimer.value"," Deaktiviert");
  fibaro:log("Timer: Deaktiviert")
elseif (AM_Timer == 1) then
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelTimer.value"," Auto");
  fibaro:log("Timer: Auto")
elseif (AM_Timer == 2) then
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelTimer.value"," Standby");
  fibaro:log("Timer: Standby")
  fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.LabelTimer.value"," Error");
  fibaro:log("Timer: Fehler")


  fibaro:setGlobal("AM_Timer", AM_Timer);


on a webbrowser i get a complete status with this:


{"name": "MowerReiche", "id": "10AD57", "status": {"status": 17, "distance": 0, "stopped": false, "duration": 42067, "mode": 2, "battery": 100, "hours": 2604}, "timer": {"status": 0, "next": {"date": "2022-07-07", "time": "10:00:00", "unix": 1657188000}}, "blades": {"quality": 84, "hours": 22, "days": 15}, "wlan": {"signal": -89}, "health": {"temperature": 24, "humidity": 28}, "clock": {"date": "2022-07-07", "time": "08:20:55", "unix": 1657182055}, "successful": true}


My code for HC3 QuickApp to get a status-info:


local self
local function setSelf(qa) self = qa end
function Base64(data)
    local b='ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/'
    return ((data:gsub('.'function(x) 
        local r,b='',x:byte()
        for i=8,1,-1 do r=r..(b%2^i-b%2^(i-1)>0 and '1' or '0'end
        return r;
        if (#x < 6then return '' end
        local c=0
        for i=1,6 do c=c+(x:sub(i,i)=='1' and 2^(6-i) or 0end
        return b:sub(c+1,c+1)
    end)..({ '''==''=' })[#data%3+1])
function QuickApp:onInit()
    ip = self:getVariable("ip")
    port = tonumber(self:getVariable("port"))
    self.sock = net.TCPSocket()
    usr = Base64(self:getVariable("user"))
    pwd = Base64(self:getVariable("pwd"))
    address = "http://"..usr..":"..pwd.."@"..ip..":"..port.."/json?cmd=status"
function QuickApp:command(address)
self.http = net.HTTPClient({timeout=3000})
    self.http:request(address, {
            headers = { 
                Accept = "application/json"
            checkCertificate = false,
            method = 'GET'
        success = function(response)
            self:debug("response status:", response.status) 
            --self:debug("headers:", response.headers["Content-Type"]) 
            local data = json.decode(response.data)
        error = function(error)
            self:debug('error: ' .. json.encode(error))

I try for hours, but every time i get a "401" response.

What notation can solve this?
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