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Found 10 results

  1. Tworzę podlewanie ogrodu - 8 sekcji niezależnie podlewanych. Mam 4 FGS 222 (Double Reley Switch), 8 elektrozaworów Hunter 24 V AC, zasilacz 24 Vdc - 100,8W. Pytanie jak zgrać wszystko, jak to połączyć? Dla pojedynczego elektrozaworu nie mam problemu. Podłączyłem 230V do FGS 222 (230 do wejścia "L" i "IN", później poprzez zasilacz 24V do elektrozaworu 24V i wszystko OK. Jednak jak podłączyć do poszczególnych zacisków przy pomocy 1 zasilacza, 4 szt. FGS222 i przekazać sygnał 24V do poszczególnych z 8 elektrozaworów. Gdzie i jak umieścić zasilacz?
  2. I was using a Fibaro relay switch without any problem for 3 years now. Since one month, I have an issue with it. One of the relay switch do not work any more. If I change the state (physically or with homecenter) the status is changed (on -> off, off -> on), but the physical state is not changed any more (my light stay on). I made some tests and found a difference with it. If I change the state of an other switch, I can hear a little "click" when the state is physically changed and this is not the case with the defected one. Do I have a chance to fix the problem with an exclusion/inclusion or or is my Fibaro switch completely dead? (=> I have to change it)
  3. Hi - has anyone seen an issue with the FGS222 Double Relay Switch where it's sticky? i.e. its on or off locked... to get out of either on / off you have to 'flick' the switch very lightly.
  4. Hi, I finally got around to revamping the setup in my garage for some of the lights and the door opener There was a few issues I was trying to resolve... I had no automation the center light The relay module were squashed a little too tight into some surface mounted boxes I was using a FGS222 to switch the garage door opener's no volt contacts which is not advised (Thanks @petergebruers and @jimicr ) The fibaro relay for the garage door was up high by the garage door opener and I decide to bring it all together in a new 8 module enclosure. The advantage of this was twofold... I would be able utilise the second relay circuit of the door opener to switch the center light i would also be able to install a din mounted contact relay to isolate the door opener's no volt contact from the 230v zwave relay contacts I will also be putting a 7" table above this and was able to use the space to install a small USB adapter also an opportunity to do a little tidy up and run some new wires The result is as follows and all closed up Took about 2 hrs to complete and a much better and safer solution _af
  5. I have a setup, where I have a number of Fibaro RGBW controllers, controlling white led strips. For a wall switch, I have a Fibaro relay, with two momentary switches connected to S1 and S2, but nothing connected to Q1, Q2. I've associated the Relay with the two groups of RGBW controllers. It works kinda okay, but not perfect. Here's how it works: - Press & Hold on any of the buttons will turn on one of the led groups and dim it slowly to maximum - Press & Hold again will slowly dim down the led group - Clicking the button will turn off the light - Clicking the button again will turn on the light, but not return it to its previous brightness, instead turning it on at the lowest brightness value (1) Sometimes I need to click twice, sometimes press&hold only works for the second attempt after turning it on. But the most annoying is that it does not return the brightness to the previous level when turning on. Any ideas why? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Peter
  6. HI, I have a troublesome FGS222 (v2.2) It was working fine up to when my HC2 had a meltdown a few weeks ago... and since then it has refused to play ball. I trued excluding and including, tried resetting it (hold down b button for 3 seconds) Normally any fibaro relay would include/ecxlude 5 feet away without any button press, this one is needy and seems to only react when it is within 6 inches of the controller. Should I sweet talk it further with dinner and a nice red or dig a hole in the back garden advice welcome -f
  7. I have a a FGS222 2-relay-switch and want button 1 and 3 of my ZME_WALLC-S to switch one relay and buttons 2 and 4 to switch the other relay throug a direct association. So far I managed to configure that button 1&3 switch the first relay and 2&4 ALSO switch the first relay. I can't configure the buttons 2&4 to switch the second relay. My FGS222 appears in HC 2 like that: and ZME_WALLC-S has the following associations: What worries me is that I can not select 50.0 and 50.2 individually; whenever I select one, the other one get's checked, too. The same when I uncheck one, the other one get's unchecked, too. The ZME_WALLC-S Parameters are set 1:1 2:1 11:2 12:2 13:2 14:2 21:1 22:0 25:1 30:1 What do I need to do so that the buttons 2&4 switch my second relay?
  8. Hi Guys, I have a FGS222 installed with a monostable switch. Every thing works fine except I would like it to switch S1 on/off with a single push but as it is now I have to double-click for it to react. Parameter 14 is set to "0" Momentary switch. Am I missing something or is it not possible to configure it to operate the way I would like? Any help would be apprisiated. Thanks!
  9. Hello experienced users. My FGS222 Switch 2 x 1,5 is not behaving as I expect it should be. I added the device in Fibaro HCL. The input for the switch is another device sending a short pulse and connected to S2. Neutral and live connected to respective N and L. By using On / Off on Fibaro UI, device is behaving as expected. However when used via the other device, sending the pulse, the switch state remain Off. By changing parameter 14, I can manage to see the pulse (changing state) however it switches off immediately. If I change, increase, parameter 5 (auto off time) to a high value, the switch remain on till the time configured. But that's not the idea of it. I should remain on till I switch it off via the other device (sending another pulse). Currently I have a workaround via a scene (if I switch the switch on via a scene, it remains on). But looking forward, I have other switches which I don't want to switch on via a scene. Is this normal behavior? Thanks for an answer
  10. I'm having trouble getting the double relay switch working with my light switches. I only have 1 brown cable and 2 black cables (The Netherlands). The brown cable was attached to the L port. The other 2 black cables that are connected to the lights are connected to the Q1 and Q2 ports. I have attached 2 more cables from S1 and S2 to the light switch. Here comes the confusing part. Do I have to create 2 more cables? 1 From the L port to the IN port and 1 from the L port to the light switch P port? I can't seem to turn on my lights Hope someone can help.
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