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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Like the majority of users I have added many devices to my HC2 and I decided to compile a list of Do's and Don't from my experience. The usual heath warning applies and users will need to make a judgement call themselves. This post covers my experience and what I found works for me over the last two years. Prep before Including / Adding New Devices Check that you have no devices still reconfiguring, - if so allow to complete or Stop If you have have any devices that appear as "Initialisation Failed" after a restart I resolve these "Exclude/Delete" if physical device still exists "Force Remove" if it was a failed include or if you don't still have the physical device. (see below for more on force includes in General comments Confirm that the system is stable and running well Complete a backup and restart you system - **This provides you with a known good system restore point** Including / Adding New Devices Read the instructions of the device and be clear about the 'inclusion' process, one click, triple click, wakeup for battery, etc For new and existing devices - Perform an exclude/delete and make sure the device can communicate with the HC2 and that the delete is registered @jimicr - I always have a challenge including battery operated devices. So when they come out of the box I do a factory reset, Usually this makes including a smoother process. if a device has security features like locks, etc then check the Secure Include check box before adding Add the device and follow the instructions exactly (click once if it says once) as doing more can prevent a successful inclusion. Watch what appears ion the small top window of the Web UI After inclusion check that all slave devices have been added (see below if this did not happen) and that they are working if the include didn't complete successfully, it's best not to keep trying to add it under the same conditions as it will probably me the situation worse. Master device is normally hidden - Name appropriately, assign to room where slaves are located and keep hidden Name Slave devices accordingly and you may need to add a reference to HomeTable if you use that approach I recommend leaving the HC2 for a few minutes before adding another device Removing devices Bring the device as close to the HC2 as you can and exclude Force Excluding - You may need to force exclude a number of times to get a device removed, Confirm it was successful by doing a browser refresh after each force exclude Add/Include process did not complete successfully Appears to add device but device ID = 0 in small top console window in UI - If this happens no mater or slave will be No Slaves added - The master is normally hidden so look here first - If no master is present - perform an exclude and then start again Slave device included by tagged as "Not Configured" - Perform a soft reconfiguration, battery devices will need to be woken up (if successful this will maintain device id) Slave devices missing or #1 above fails - Perform a Reconfiguration on the Master (This may change the device id and may even result in further slaves getting deleted) If all above continues - try bringing the device closer to the HC2 - In some cases I have had to sit the device on top of the HC2 General Comments NWI option (Network Wide Inclusion) - This is to be used if a normal include fails because the device is far away. I've never had any success with that. My solution was Side Impact from device failed adding/inclusion - A failed/partial include can affect you ability to create or import virtual devices but can leave you with the ability to edit existing VD's (not sure why but this has happened to me twice) Location: Try and have the device in the location you will use it, if possible move your HC2 to this location. Persistent Failures - Try a different device and if successful then it may be an issue with the device - If not successful then, there is something else affecting the process Adding devices after crash/recovery - If you need to add a device and you couldn't exclude it from current / other network the devices may need to be very close to the HC2 before it will include successfully Adding large # of devices already in situ - It may be worth investing in a spare relay and dimmer - I have some devices for fast replacements. They are already included in my HC2 and categorised under development. After I had the failed backup issue when I had to add in devices that were already connected I included these on the HC2 and then swapped them in. I then took the devices I removed and placed them on the HC2 and included them and just repeated the process. This meant that I didn't need to get the HC2 close to each device to include it back in. Device specific comments The "old" Fibaro door/window sensor (with optional temp sensor) was notoriously difficult to include. The new version (with built-in temp sensor) includes/excludes without issues. The old version suffered from (at least) two issues: you need to press the back switch, but after time the foam tape doesn't hold the sensor firmly to the door. And it always had some trouble detecting the rhythm of the clicks. Both of these issues have been addressed in the newest version. I'm telling this, because after monitoring this forum, I'd say there is really only one battery operated devices that is know for its consistent inclusion woes, and that's the older D/W Sensor... @petergebruers Comments, suggestions, corrections and improvements welcome as always. Thanks _f
  2. I am about to replace 13 Z-TRM2fx thermostats (220 V AC powered) with updated hardware. The old units are all wall mounted, configured, and reachable from my HC2. Before I start, I need to be sure to have the right procedure. Here is what I intend to do: Delete all the old units, one by one, using HC2 Devices - Delete devices (and appropriate clicks on the thermostat panel) Power up the new units, one by one, using a temporary 220 V connection near my HC2. Include each unit using Devices - Add device (with NWI checked) Move each new unit to its intended location. Physically replace the old unit and reconnect power and sensor(s) to the new unit. Re-mesh network after all new units are installed. Check that all units are reachable from the HC2. Rename main and slave devices, and assign to rooms. Anything else? Assuming that the delete procedure completes successfully, will all the old units be completely removed, or do I need to "force remove" them as well? Would it be easier to use "force remove" directly in step 1? Any drawbacks?
  3. After configuring a new house using the HC2, I have a few frustrations related to the inclusion process for new devices (Add Device): When assigning a device to a room, it would be nice to be able to assign the main device only, and have all the sub-devices/slaves follow. Having to do the room assignment on each one is time consuming (in one of my cases, a Z-TRM2 thermostat, there are 11 sub-devices per unit!). Is there a smarter way? When I check "NWI" in the Add Device panel, or make any other change to the three inclusion options, the "Save warning" (an exclamation mark) appears to the right. The save button does nothing, however, and there is no other save possibility. When inclusion is complete, any attempt to exit gives a warning that a "save" is missing and that data may be lost. I think there is a bug in this particular panel. Either the warning is unneeded, or the save button should be activated to store the choice of options. Have I missed something? Why is there a button in the Advanced section to "download template", when there is no way to install what I download? I know the procedure is to forward the template to Fibaro Support (and keep expectations low for any follow-up), but it seems strange to handle this inside the configuration panel when the template cannot be configured by the user.
  4. Hello, I have four RGBW controllers, but on none of them I have seen the "B"button. For 3 of them this is OK, as I was able to include them into the system by triple clicking on any IN-lead. All functions fine, and thus no problem. The last one is a bit of a pest. It functions just fine, controlling only white light. You can brighten, dim. But for the life of me i cannot include it into the fibaro HC2 Zwave system. Before, it was on domoticz with an AEON Zwave stick. And i excluded it form that association, just as i did with the other controllers. However, those controllers i could include to HC2. So i wanted to hard reset. But there is just a hole on the position where the drawing in the manual indicates a B button. As is on any of the other controllers. Anyone any insight how to hard reset this switch so that i can try to include it? thanks in advance
  5. hi, I bought a bunch of MS6 devices Some included okay and some are proving a challenge I've noticed that some half include (ie I might get temp and motion but no humidity) I also noticed that some are including as ID 0 I tried different power supplies, different cables, close to the HC2 and not so close I tried the factory reset (hold include button down for 20 seconds) I just trying to figure out if I missed something or just got a bad batch Thanks
  6. Hello, I have currently big problems the Z-Wave ZME_WALLC-S switch in my HC2 (current firmware) to include. I have certainly already "a thousand" attempts behind. Again and again the result that this is not properly configured. A reconfiguration also brought nothing. The runs then rather into the entlos ... Does anyone have an idea or even these problems? Unfortunately I need this switch for a determined position :-)
  7. Imagine you have set up a house with hundred modules and one HC2 over the last year. About two third of your modules are clued/sticked to their place (like most of the door/window sensors that are available). To exclude/include them to your controller they must be in direct close range to it. So you will have to remove them from their place by destroying the clue most likely. Is there any better and easier way to reinclude these devices without buying 100m power cable and 100m network cable moving the HC2 controller from module to module? Is it possible to use another modules with controller capabilities that is battery operated to do the ex/-include job? Once I had to reinclude some window door sensors and I have hated it to detach them from their position and reattach them. In some cases they did not stick as well as before and tamper alarm went on or the sensor did not show the right status after a couple of days.
  8. Dear all, I've purchased the Vision ZM1602 Siren with strobe and tried to have it included into my Z-Wave environment, but I can get it done with only partial success. My Home Center 2 is able to detect the device and does the first part on inclusion, but then I need to wake up the device in order to complete and here is where it goes wrong (.. probably I don't fully understand how I must do this trick). Eventually, the device would be added (.. looking to the text that appears on the screen) but afterwards I can't see it anymore in the HC2 console, also not under "hidden devices". I have read the manual, which is quite basic and does not cover this second step at all, so in the end it was kind of .... useless Is there anyone who has the Vision ZM1602 as well, together with one of the Home Center controllers, who can help me on the total inclusion process? Thanks and best regards, Mark
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