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Hi all,


Has anyone tried to make a Ritto intercom smart? I've started a project like this and would like to ask if anyone has had experience with this so far.


For the setup I'm thinking to use a Fibaro universal sensor and a qubino fluash 1D relay running from the 26VDC powering the intercom. My idea is that there is a led which turns on whenever someone rings the bell so I'd use the universal sensor to pick up that and send me a notification. Is that possible with the universal sensor?

To be able to open the door I'm planning to use the relay that would switch the button. Already soldered two wires to the legs of the button and tried if it works if I short them manually. It does work, so I assume it would work with the relay as well.

I'd appreciate any experience, ideas. I'll keep this topic updated as I proceed with my project.


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In order to pick up the button press from the led you need to measure the voltage applied to the led when lit (possibly 3VDC), then you need a miniature relay with a coil voltage equal to that measured at the led,the NO contact of which you can connect to th Fibaro UBS. Then you need to make a scene for sending you a notification when the door button is pressed and then you can open the door by activating  OPEN button which will trigger the Fibaro relay contact for x time required to open the door. I have not done this ,but I am sure that it will work that way. Hope I helped...

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  • Topic Author
  • Thank you dgcon!

    Meanwhile I managed to find an extention module for my intercom which does exactly what you have described and it fits inside the intercom so I can avoid building something myself

    Please login or register to see this image.

    /emoticons/default_smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="https://forum.fibaro.com/uploads/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> Puts the signal out to a NO contact, then I can connect it to the UBS.

    I have also tried to run the qubino relay from the 26VDC that is powering the intercom, works fine, except that the intercom buttons stop working when the relay is powered from the same source. I guess that's becasue it is a twinbus system and somehow the relay interfere with that. Do you have any ideas about that?

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    Hmm, that is a bit of a problem. But where do you power the UBS from? Can you use the same power supply for the Qubino?

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  • If I power the UBS from the same power source (26VDC that the intercom is using) it works fine. The Qubino also works, I can include it and switch it(I hear the clicking sounds), but then the intercom's buttons become unresponsive. Also with this setup the Qubino cannot switch the intercom's button. When I disconnect the Qubino from the power everything goes back to normal.

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    See if you can power the Qubino from annother source (external power supply) which can be installed inside, where the Ritto main unit is, and use any extra wires( if there are any) from the interconnecting cable to power it. You only need one wire since you can ground the (-) side of the power supply and use ground on the other end too...

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  • Topic Author
  • Just an update to my project: managed to wire everything and now it works like a charm.
    When someone rings the doorbell downstairs I get a notification on my phone and then I can open it with a touch.


    Just a brief description of the final setup:

    Ritto 7360 doorbell - this is what I had in the aparment

    Ritto 1764600 call interface relay

    Fibaro Universal Sensor

    Qubino Flush 1D Relay



    The Ritto call interface relay has 1 NO output and I connected the IN1 of the Fibaro UBS to that. So when someone rings the bell, the UBS picks it up and through a scene I get a notification.

    To open the door I have soldered two wires to each of the door opener button's legs and connected that to the Qubino relay. I set it up that the relay button turns off after 1 sec, because I don't have to press it forever to open the door.

    I am powering the whole setup from 24VDC. I'm not using the power source from the intercom as it messes with the twinbus system. Rather I bought a 230VAC to 24VDC power supply and pulled one wire up to the intercom.

    I hope it will be useful for someone who has the same intercom. Thank you all for your help!

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    • 1 year later...

    Sounds exactly what I'm trying to accomplish! Would you be able to post any images of how you wired the relay up to your intercom?

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