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Fibaro - Please add support for Remotec ZRC90 (template attached)

Go to solution Solved by AutoFrank,


Hi Fibaro,


Please add support for this device as a matter of urgency please.

it's a 8 button scene controller/master that I suspect is likely to get very popular considering its form factor and price.




I included it with my HC2 but have no control over the scenes it activates


I download the template from the HC2 after I added it and have attached it here



on the box is it also referred to as BW8510EU


Thanks in advance 


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djashjones: I get the same device error message: "Configuration: Not configured".  Device version is 2.1; HC version is 4.57.  But despite that, the code still works: I think the error can be ignored.


It seems that since AutoFrank posted his request for a template for this device, the template has been included.  Now you can use the magic scenes template AND use AutoFranks LUA code (at the same time - I have tested this). I could not see the device appear in the block scene device list, but I guess having magic and LUA scenes is enough.


Thanks for the link to the code AutoFrank!


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