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FGD-212 not controllable - Smartthings Hub 2


I have installed three (3) Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD-212) switches in my home.
Number 1 dimmer is in my front room
Number 2 dimmer is in my hall (with immediate <1 Meter proximity to dimmer 1)
Number 3 dimmer is in my master bedroom (top of stairs) ~15 Meters away from the hub controller
I am using a Smartthings Hub 2 controller.
All devices have been found/discovered and are paired to my Smartthings hub and visible on my Smart phone app.
All devices operate (on/off/dim) as expected using the physical switches connected to the dimmers, so they are all fully functioning as expected.
I can connect to and control dimmer 1 from my smart phone via the Smartthings app and I have full range of control and dimming as expected.
I CANNOT control dimmers 2 & 3 at all via the Smartthings app (they are simply unresponsive to any control commands sent to them - e.g. on/off command or dimming level commands).
They are all installed (wired) identically in line with the first dimmer (1).
Would you know why the dimmers (2 & 3) are not responding? Would you be able to share some root cause analysis steps with me to help me resolve this?
Note: This is not a range issue as I have physically moved the Smartthings Hub 2 to be in range (beside) each of the installed Fibaro dimmers.

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