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Unreliable motion sensors - configurable?



Another Fibaro rookie here, so guessing my questions likely fall into the noob category. :)

Anyway I´ve just finished building a house and went "all in" with Fibaro. A whole bunch of dimmers, switch relays, wall plugs, smoke and motion sensors tied together with HC2.

LUA is on the todo list to learn since I have realized it will be needed to create the kind of scenes I am thinking of..


But to the first question.. I have been making some scenes which are triggered by the motion sensors. However they are far from reliable, and my guess is that one of the reasons is that the motion which the sensor detects (ALWAYS gives visual feedback) is not always shown in the controller.

So far I have only included two, and looking in the HC2 GUI now it looks like the pictures attached.


On motion detector 1 (RD1) the icon looks as if it is active, i.e is detecting movement. However the timer is not reset. In the pic it shows that it saw motion 18 minutes ago eventhough I was there waving just before starting this thread.

On the second one (RD2), well it shows over 3 hours since last motion detected. Was waving at that one too just now and got it to glow..


Am I missing something..? All the parameters are default..

One thing noticed is if I go in the detection field of the sensor, and it starts glowing, I do get some reaction in HC2.. The timer changes to first "Transmission OK" in green text followed by "Transmission failed" in red.. Then the timer gets back.. Still not reset.


A second thing I can´t figure out where to look for more info..

I get these errors every now and then:

ID 76: System hardware failure. Read the manual.

ID 110: System hardware failure. Read the manual.


Read the manual.. Well I have browsed through it, but the error is not that informative so not sure what to look for.

The ID number, is that the error ID, or the device ID?

If it is the latter, is there any good way to find it without clicking each and every device (which I have renamed to fit its use/kind).


Please login or register to see this attachment.

Please login or register to see this attachment.

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I had the same problem in past

First of all select z-wave network test by pressing B button for 4 sec. It must lead violet color. Than pres again and sensor will start change the colors of LED indicator. If it continuously green thats means sensor communicating to controller directly. If its changing color from green to yellow  --- means sensor communicates with controller via some device in the room and last one thats sensor flashig led red. It mean that sensor on the limit or out of range z-wave network. In last case it could be the problem with proper indication in your system. Also important. Set sensor to z-wave test mode close the cover and install to the holder. Observe within 3-5 min at least. If within this time you will see red color thats means sensor on the border of z-wave radio coverage.

For more details see sensor manual with all descriptions.


I solved this issue by installing one more z-wave transmitter.

Good luck. 

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  • Thanks for your comments Dimonius88.

    You installed another z-wave transmitter as in a fibaro device in between? Or are there some other type of transmitters?

    As mentioned I have two included motion sensors currently.

    RD1 on the bottom floor of the house just by the entrance and the other one (RD2) on the second floor outside my kids room.

    I have done range tests on both of my included motion detectors, and they normally shows yellow. Before I excluded and reset the RD2 one it did show red.. However now it is yellow again when testing. Located in the same place.

    What is strange is that it cannot be a range issue.. I have no that big of a house.. The distance between RD1 and HC2 is ~7-8 meters and the RD2 maybe ~12-14.

    Then there are in total 30 Fibaro devices (mainly dimmer2) in between.. Plus its a wood house.. So distance should not be an issue.


    In addition I just now noticed that the RD1 was showing as a dead node in the admin gui.. I woke it up and tried a range test - RED..

    I tried again, and this time placed the motion sensor ON TOP OF the HC2 when doing the range test. It cycled the colors for about 5 minutes while I was hoping for a green or at least yellow, but it always went to RED..


    Sooo.. Bug?

    My future plans for these devices apart from setting up automated lights is to set up an alarm system with them.. However acting like this it seems useless. :-|

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  • Inquirer
  • Thanks! T.Konopka!


    If I got that right its related to secure inclusion?

    Will try to include them normally to see how that works. They are both currently dead nodes again. Then I excluded them, resetted them and reincluded them two days ago.

    I will also test to keep them within a couple of meters from the HC2 after the reinclusion to see how they act.


    Thanks again!

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  • Inquirer
  • @T.Konopka FYI so far so good. Excluded them some 20 hours ago, and included them again without the security mode. First ~10 h I had them close to the HC2 just to observe, and they worked perfectly. Moved them further away for another couple of hours and still worked great. Now they are back in their holders where they should be and still work great.

    Report back breaches instantly and I have not seen a single transmission failed.



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