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Zwave plus UPDATE

Guest Lode


Guest Lode

I bought a Fibaro motion sensor zwave plus. (looks very cool btw :)

I tought your controller has to support that protocol.

By trying out that sensor i saw a big improvement in range.

None of my devices are reaching that far as the motionsensor does.

I tried it out and they all fail to connect to HC but this motionsensor zwaveplus works like a charm at that distance.


I've been reading an article from mr. @T.Konopka about the difference between zwaveplus and next Gen5 zwavechip.


So..what is the truth behind this ?




So to be sure about this today i bought a zwaveplus wall plug and yes also here a big improvement in range....covers my whole house :-D

Happy !!


I got a feeling that i'm telling here the same as WWII is over ?? :-D:-D Am I ?


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Haha, some kind of. 

I had the same problem, but I was trying to connect Z-Wave sensor to the Raspberry PI controller. The solution was in using https://www.kaaproject.org/healthcare/ platform. Correct drivers provided by this framework solved the issue with a small range.  So in your case, platform update might also become a solution. 

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