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Nest on 4.12


Hello guys


Any news on the Nest plug ins?

Any solution other than IFTT?


On the 4.12 there is no NEST plug ins at all :(


Thanks in advance

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At the moment, NEST is not supported. The dev team is still working on the new plugin and getting it aproved by NEST Lab...

On the HC2 you wont find the plugin, however, last week i saw an HClite with firmware 4.120 and the NEST plugin in the list... dont know of anyone else can confirm that ?

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It is not available on HCL either.


Plugin will be available, when you will see it in firmware changelog. So, please be patient and let Fibaro developers finish it, certificate it, test it and release it. Not working plugin is worse than no plugin.

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i have it working whit IFTTT (Set Nest Temperature in Fibaro HC2)

just make 2 or more scenes in the fibaro and add the code of IFTTT in the luna



%% properties
%% globals
local debug = true
local param1 = "14"
local key = "IFTTT CODE here"  --use your key from the Maker channel on IFTTT

local function log(str) if debug then fibaro:debug(str); end; end
local function errorlog(str) fibaro:debug("<font color='red'>"..str.."</font>"); end

function PushData(key, param1)
  local httpClient = net.HTTPClient({ timeout = 2000 });
  local url = 'https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/Name of your IFTTT/with/key/'..key..'?value1='..param1;
  httpClient:request(url, {
	success = function(response)
        if tonumber(response.status) == 200 then
			print("Updated at " .. os.date());
			print("Error " .. response.status)
	error = function(err)
        print('error = ' .. err)
	options = {
        method = 'GET'
PushData(key, param1);


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