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Dimmer 2 (FGD-212) turns off on maximum dim




i'v installed a dimmer2 (FGC-212) with a 2-wire connection to a regular 60W incandescent light bulb with a toggle switch. I can control the dim level using the app BUT if i swipe it to more then approximately 80%  , then the light goes off.  In the dimmer advance settings, i'v selected the "toggle" option. I have also get this error message in the notification area "Caution! Mains voltage drop detected"
In addition, i have some questions that i hope you can answer :
1. Can you set the toggle switch of the dimmer to off / dim max when using the switch? means that i could dim the light only from the app.
2. Can i use the dimmer on a non-dimable LED just for on/off the light (since i have a room that i can not get N wire to there).
3. Is there any way to control TV ( i saw an LG plugin but i'm not sure how to enable it)
4. Can i connect a roller shutter + light to one roller shutter sensor (i guess not, but maybe you will surprise me).
Thanks !!

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