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Single Switch 2 Gen5 with Association and Momentary switching


Hi, i bought the Fibaro Double Switch 2 Gen5 and a Fibaro Single Switch 2 Gen5 to control my hallway light.


I created an Association with Fibaro Single Switch to the  Fibaro Double Switch so I could control the Fibaro Double Switch S2 switch from the top of the stairs and from the bottom in my hallway.


When the  Fibaro Single Switch (The Transmitter) is set to toggle switching (Variable 20, 1byte dec, 1) it works ok,   but when I change it to Momentary (Variable 20, 1byte dec, 0) switching  It does not work (It does not turn light on or off) it's as if the Fibaro Double Switch does not receive the signal sent to it or ignores it?


Thanks for any help

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Hi, joining the question

I was also about to move to momentery switches and I have also a couple of "pass through" switches (controlled from 2 places using associations)

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Just tested my configuration with momentery switches - all works.

My devices installed this way:

WALL_1: Single Switch 2 - S1 - for LAMP_1, S2 - for association (Grop 4 multichannel) on LAMP_2

WALL_2: Single Switch 2 - S1 - for LAMP_2, S2 - for association (Grop 4 multichannel) on LAMP_1

This way I can control 2 lamps from both places


Confirming its working fine for me. Module firmware 3.2 There is firmware update 3.3 knocking in my door, but I am still hasitating to apply after troubles with Double Switch 2 on the same firmware.

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