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CO Sensor - 9 month test and all OK




I was lucky to get one of these to test and was about to add a couple more near my two new wood-burning fires.


I thought I would repeat my test and I am pleased to say the device past with flying colours.


These devices do work well and warn well before the limit. Well worth adding if you have appliances that could produce CO. Loud siren as soon as it hit red and notifications flashing.


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I test like this:

1) Puddle of water to create a seal

2) a couple of matchsticks to hold sensor out of the puddle

3) place sensor on matchsticks

4) put a small candle on top of a shot glass.

5) light candle and let it get burning well

6) invert bowl over the rig

7) and leave it 

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The alarm does not sound that loud until you remove that bowl but when you take that bowl off it is plenty. I also trigger the main house alarm to make sure as loud as possible.

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notification on alarm and return to safe


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9 months and I know we have not had detectable levels of CO in the house



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