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Multiple Fibaro HC2 Scenes


Hi guys,


I tried to find this in the Fibaro documentation but it is still not clear to me. If I have a master HC2 connected to a slave HC2, and the slave has it's own scenes, can those be imported into the master? And does this mean that the actual scene would still run on the slave but can be triggered using the master? 


I am attempting to add around 250 devices so was planning to use two HC2's due to the maximum number of devices limit. 



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you can do whatever you like.

I have a master and one slave hc2, all the scenes are created on the master hc2. I don'want to search where the scene is.

So you can create a scene on the master hc2 with only devices on the slave hc2.

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Thank you for your response!

I have had issues in the past where too many Lua scenes running in the HC2 caused it to run out of RAM, most of them were solved by changing the way the scenes were triggered and setting maximum instances, etc. Which is the main reason I might have some scenes running on the slave HC2 for the devices connected to the slave.

It's good to know that I can have scenes on both. Thanks,


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