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HC2 hangs at "starting services" (not after update)


My HC2 was running fine for serveral weeks on ver. 5.10.


Yesterday I noticed, that I I can'nt connect using my Phone. I checked from my PC - same behavior. Internal Error!


I than switched off the HC2 using the button at the back. Wait for a minute and switched it back on.

Now I getting "Starting Services".  I left it now for couple of hours. No change!

I did switch it off and on aggain, but  the HC2 is not accessable anymore.


I did not made any changes to the HC2, I also did not add any devicves.


What can I do to gain access and control again.

It's quite urgent

thx & regards


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I just tried to recover the HC2, with the automatic option. Same behavior. I than tried to recover from backup file. It told me the Backup file is corrupt :-(


Urgently help needed ....



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If you have made a backup, you can reboot the HC2 into recovery mode, delete all data (the rightmost recovery option), and then restore the last backup after the 4.510 has been reinstalled.


I used the same backup file as tried before with the automatic option - where I got the message, the backup file is corrupt.



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