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Bathroom presence/absence


Hi all,

I want to install Philips Hue lightstrip (led tape) under and over mirror and trigger this light basing on presence/absence in bathroom.

I can't figure out how to determine:

1) if someone is still in the bathroom (maybe my wife is laying in the bath and relaxing :) )

2) if someone came in / came out 

3) if another person just opened and closed the door

I was trying with variables whit determine if someone is in the bathroom base od motion detector and door sensor but all are mess.

I have 2 move detectors and window/door sensor, can anyone help me how to do it in block scene? I don't have access to LUA because I am musing FIBARO LITE 

I saw some topics about it but no final anwer was given :(


I would be very grateful for your help

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I don't think so ... 

If for example I set delay time for 15 minutes and someone will take a bath longer time than 15 minutes without any movement fibaro will decide to turn off the light.

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your wife can be under-water more than 15 min? wow!


 it depends on where you locate motion sensor if a sensor can cover all bathroom all will be ok otherwise yes, you right. 

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I have about the same problem.... Just placed a button by the bath in case the light switches of (no motion)
Other solution would be a camera with image recognition but in order to test that I need access to the camera showing your wife in the bath ;-);-);-)

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I use 2 door sensors and 1 motion sensor to determine presence / absence, together with VSLand Hue VD to control Hue.


I set 150 seconds delay.  When motion is triggered or the toilet door is still closed after 150 seconds then turn on exhausted fan.  (For smoking etc)


To determine shower / bath,  if toilet door AND shower room door are closed, then turn on heater / exhausted fan depends on room temperature, as well as change global "Shower" to "Yes".  This global variable tells VSL of the corresponding hue light to engage shower mode (I use VSL built-in cinema state function but just use "Shower" as global variable).  The shower mode turns the Hue VD to 100% brightness until shower door is opened (Shower == "No")


and yes that's for HC2...


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