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Ecobright Ecodim dimmer issues with HC3



Ik have installed 6 ecobright ecodim dimmers on my Fibaro HC3. These are zwave dimmers, look like regular dimmers as you can also control the light by turning the knob.

After a few weeks the HC3 loses communication with some dimmers, for a reason unknown to me. A soft reconnection fails. Removing the dimmer from the HC3 and re-assign them fails. I have a hard time getting them back into the network.  I even did a factory reset of the dimmer. No luck, I cannot get the dimmer back online. 

Afer 2 days, the next eco dim dimmers fails connection and the same trouble starts al over again.

So far, I cannot get both dimmers back into my HC3 wave network. The dimmers are excluded from the network according to protocol and appear no longer on my device list. Why can't I reassign them?

What am I missing here? 

any help greatly appreciated

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After removing the dimmers from the power for some time, inclusion worked and the dimmers function fine since may. Till last week. For no reason the dimmer which is located the top floor of the house is not recognized bij the HC3. For no reason. Nothing has changed, no HC3 updates, No new devices added, no old devices removed. I tried to include it again, remove it first, reset it, factory reset, etc.etc. Nothing works, i have to remove the dimmer from the power and unbuild it from the wall socket.

What is happening with this dimmers? Is it the reach/antenna? or is it just broken? It still dims fine. ( they are really great dimmers if they stay online, i'm really happy with them)

Yesterday i included a fibaro wallplug to the network. It was placed tin the wall socket next to the dimmer on the top floor. I was recognised at once and is working fine. So i conclude that there is enough reach to the zwave network. ( on the floors below are also ecodim and qubino dimmers installed which function fine so far).

I had hope that the fibaro plug was going to work as a zwave repeater and therefore enforce the network, but so far no luck with the ecodim.

My next step will be to remove the dimmer form the wall socket and get it of the power to see if i can get it to work at a lower floor. I keep you posted.

Any tips will be appreciated though!

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