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Change parameters Z-wave alarm sound with quick app


I’m a newby in the home center world, and i wonder if it’s possible to adjust the parameters with a quick app of a linked Z-wave alarm sound device, so it can make different sounds based on the event?  Such as beeping softly at a entry delay, or alarm sound at a burglary.  
The  sound device supports these capabilities, but i can't find a working solution in the HC3.

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Lookup by forum solution for HC2 for China NEO coolcam doorbell/siren 

change code for calling http HC2  to HC3 http 

it should be work 

btw the code for changing params  via VD and scene (c) by @petergebruers ask him is any code was adopted for HC3 ;) 

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I have a QuickApp for my Aeotech and NEOCoolcam.
I'll send it to you there you can see how I did it.
Is a bit tricky because switching the functions takes a little long and the siren is not immediately ready for use.
But works perfectly.
The comments are unfortunately only in German!
Greetings from the Sauerland




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Thans all for your help :)

I'm going to play around again. It will be some time before I understand everything. 

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