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Found 6 results

  1. When I temporarily want to change the temperature of the Thermostat for a specific amount of time in the Fibaro app, it doesn't set the temperature in the HC3 UI nor on the thermostat (Danfoss / Popp). When I look in the app, nothing changed. When I change the temperature for an amount of time in the HC3 UI, it changes almost immediately on the thermostat. Is the app not working, or am I doing something wrong? I did set up zones for controlling temperature. (If I change the temperature of a zone, it works!) It seems that the HC3 UI is not getting any informati
  2. I have POPP Z Weather station. When I install it on Fibaro HCL controller it says that device has no template to be configured. Is this device supported by Fibaro?
  3. Hi folks. Just added my 3 new POPP smoke detectors to my HCL 4.111 but having some difficulties getting this to work with my system. All three are set up as a fire alarm, working fine, but I want to add them to my burglary alarm system as a sirene. How can I do this? Do I have to make a scene? They are also comping up as "Not configured" in my devices screen in home center, why? Please help. //Eric Home Center Lite V.4.111 3x Fibaro Door Sensor 3x Fibaro Dimmer 1x Cubino Flush Relay 2x Aeotec Smart Di
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Popp Z-Weather
  5. Last time we test nice weather station by Popp, its fully support by Fibaro Z-Weather is the world’s first energy-automated Z-Wave sensor. Due to violation of the Portal and Forum Policy, III Participation: "propagation of advertising in any form, including covert advertising, without the Service Provider's prior consent. The restriction does not concern information about products or services provided for information purposes in connection to the subject of a given thread;" The topic was edited and closed.
  6. Last week I got 2 x FGD212 dimmers, 3 x Popp 123850 plug dimmers and 1 x WallC-S2 wall controller. Before I received the HC2, I used the wall controller as primary controller on all 5 dimmers, both dimming and on/off worked like it was supposed to, with buttons 1 and 3. Now I've set up the HC2, with the wall controller as a second controller, working with the Popp dimmers through association, still with buttons 1 and 3, and have no problem what so ever. I'm still able to dim and switching on/off. Inclusion of the FGD212 dimmers went smoothly, and they can be controlled from HC2, ev
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