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HC2 Compatibility Danalock 3



The Danalock 3 with Z-Wave support has been released.

Before actually buying one, can someone please confirm compatibility with the HC2/HC-lite ?


Thanks :D


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12 hours ago, melomaan said:


got mine today after long following the forum on the matter, felt safe, but got stuck with almost same situation... seems like zwave module on danalock is not working like it should (updated firmware to latest after playing with HC2 inclusion), somekind zwave communication problems...

For exclusion found just a one way: remove batteries from lock, do force removal on HC2 on both elements of lock, restart HC2, reset lock and you can try again.

Without batteries removal HC2 gets some communication and does not remove lock, asks to use normal exclusion whitch does not work. sometimes just learning error...

However Danalock app itself works fine, even you can start zwave inclusion from there, but will stuck half way like with normal HC2 inclusion... lock just gets its id and nothing more, can not add parameters, no templates or possibility to create one from the button aso.

Will look at it tomorrow with distributor.

Is there a danalock FW/Chip difference now as older ones seem to work, or is there some problems with 4.180...

Has someone sucessfully included danalock in 4.180? Feedback on it appreciated.



Got a solution and some "tricks"

lock has to be close to include/exclude, as stated ~1m from HC2. after forced removal, reboot HC2 to get fresh start. I did inclusion procedure 3 times in a row without exclusion. and it takes some time to sucessfully finish the inclusion.

Check from data tab if lock element has all serial numbers and software versions, if not, try to include again.

Whole thing seems odd, but lock works now nicely. Zwave signal must be good, if too long lag between command and execution try to reconfigure mesh network.



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This goes out to all the Danalock V3 z-wave User:

Do you have the same z-wave issues like me?


The Dana (in the wardrobe) is far from the HC2, but there are 2 switches nearby about 2 and 3m in separate rooms (garage, and corridor) they work fine all the time. But I often get "Dead Note" for no reason. If I bring a switch to the same room that means about 2 or 1,5m to the Dana it seems to be ok.  (just for testing because the 220V cable lying on the floor near the entrance is no good idea when having a chewing dog).

It seems to me all functions are ok when using android app (soular) bluetooth, manual open/close, blockscene, or module icon. It's all reported ok everywhere when ever changes are made anywhere SINCE I lost zwave connection.

When I watch HomeScreen in HC2 and all is OK the procedure is like:


1. Klick Icon [Changing Icon (open/close), I use German language so I translate in my own words.]

2. "Sending"

3. "Transmission ok"

4. Dana is changing state (open close)

5. "receiving"

6. "transmission ok"

7. icon changes Status (open/close)


But often between a random step transmission fails. Sometimes after 3 tries it works but that last about 20 sec. Often "dead Node" is reported.


When I read about all the issues herein I presume some are caused by that transmission errors. Even when I look at the video where the widget commands failed it seem to me the core reason are transmission errors (because using widgets you have no feedback about this)


Has anyone a Danalock working with zwave within normal z-wave range (about 10 to 30m)?


Thanks for any response!!









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On 1/9/2018 at 8:53 PM, petervanderpol said:


After some time (no matter if I use it like 100times to test or 20 times during regular use, the delays come in and sometimes it doesnt even react anymore

Also the state it sends to my HC2 is the incorrect state and simple notifications also represent wrong statusses.

Now when I use the bluetooth app, it doenst get the correct state. It keeps saying it is closed while it actually is open, when I press the button it try''s to open it...



Do you guys experience the same? Or do I have a faulty model?
I have used the last 4 firmwares and no luck with them.


I got exactly same problems.

I have given my lock to seller via warranty, and have ordered 2 new


Same problems ?

Edited by mihaz
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On my Danalock is the reason at wrong calibration of lock. Danalock support says do not use keys, use only Danalock app instead. Even is necessary after some time to make calibration via Danalock app.

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Guest Bastian


I have also many Problems with my 2 Danalocks. Sometime i have Connection and scenes or Open/ Close Button are running but often nothing Happens, happens with time delay or a dead node ist recognized.

Unfortunately it does Not follows a recognizable system/was.


I used the two 1,5 years before without Problems with HC2. After upgrading them to Firmware 0.11.9 the Problems had started. No Problem to include them as Doorlocks (as normal Z-Wave  modul in secure mode the locks are not included right).

Unfortunately also a downgrade to 0.9.6 and also recoveries of different HC2 versions do not change the Problems. So i think it is caused by Danalock Firmware upgrade and this changes something which will not work with HC2.


Perhaps there could be an updatet template/Version from Fibaro which can solve this communication problems ?


As vmation wrote the Post before: For all Danalock users i can strongly recommend not to upgrade the Danalocks If you have them running right now!


Good Luck!

Edited by Bastian
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I upgraded my HC2 to 4.570 and the Dynalock firmware to 0.11.9.


I did a inclusion and it seems to work ok!


But I'm left with some questions:

1 - Although I used the option Add in security mode if device supports it when included, it seems not to be included as secured device:

Please login or register to see this image.

/monthly_2020_01/image.png.bf039a6ba534cd8d2f2e26993edfeea4.png" />

2 - What does this option exactly means?


Does this means the Phone-app can only connect to it for this time or is Bluetooth connection allowed for any phone (to pair)?

(when tested, I still could open my door with my app after this time...)


Any thoughts?

Edited by Lambik
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