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Master/Slave gateway sync issues


I have added a new HCL as a slave in a Master gateway (HC2).


- Rooms are not being synced in either direction

- Some of the master devices show up in the HCL slave, but unconfigured, with no names and with rooms not assigned

- List of shared devices are empty


Both gateways are running 4.520


Have tried the following:

- Master (HC2): Under Config>Gateway Connections I have Imported multiple times. Slave rooms show up, are checked, but after a quick Sync the are not added to room list.

- Master (HC2): Under Config>Gateway Connections I have Synced multiple times - no effect what so ever

- Master (HC2): Under Config>Gateway Connections I have Deleted the slave (HCL) and re-added. No luck

- Rebooted both devices twice. No luck


I would be very happy for any advice.


Device list on slave:




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