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Found 9 results

  1. So I don't login very often, but every single time I do I get annoyed by the overly complex password requirements set by Fibaro. The current password policy is based on a 20 year old doctrine that is quite outdated and needs to be up to par modern standards. So my suggestion is to scrap the current password requirements of using Lowercase, Uppercase, numerals and special characters in combination with a minimum 10 key chain. As those requirements won't make a password any safer, and a modern brute force will break such password in no time at all, it only makes it more or less impossible
  2. Hello everybody, I have a HomeCenter 2 attachment. Unfortunately, I forgot my password and can not get on the box anymore. The password can not be reset because I seem to have disabled it. What else can I access in the home center to access? I want to perform your reset, because I'm afraid, then no longer activate various modules (such as the shutter modules). Can someone please give me a hint. Can not access the box with a master password or access via LAn. Thank you in advance. Best regards Peter
  3. When I change password for admin, i can´tlog in again. I have to use "Forgot your password" to get a new one to log in again. What is wrong?
  4. Hello Fibaro team, Internet as we speak is transforming towards more and more use of HTTPS and TSL. My question is simply, is there a timeplan for HC2 to transfer from HTTP to HTTPS also on the local site access solution? I understand there can be difficulties with the certificates...... For example, I would prefer to send an HTTPS request to HC2 for starting scenes or altering status on a device, where username and password are protected with TSL transmission. Kindly, DrPepper
  5. Problems, problems and more problems with fibaro, besides my hcl does not work, now every time I have to enter the forum I must remember password and change it, since the system does not remember it, once changed, if I close the session, when trying to access again, again I must remember password
  6. Hi, I use a number of different systems to access my Fibaro HC2 and have to type in my password over and over again. There is no option to 'remember the password', and the browser functionality seems to be disabled by design. I do NOT want to use a 3rd party solution (such as lastpass etc.) to remember my passwords, I use the built-in functionality in the Edge browser to my satisfaction and this works for all - if not most - websites and it synchronizes across all of my devices. I am sure all other browsers will do the same perfectly fine without any add-on. I use a long, generated
  7. Hi, I'm having a problem with my Fibaro Home Center Lite. When trying to send a new password via email to users the SuperUser doesn't get an email. The password recovery works for other users, but not for the super user. I still get the message "New password has been sent to the email address from user configuration.", and im positive the email on the user is correct.
  8. Just a feature request, due to Fibaro ID in Fibaro application for Phones and Tablet. It's for iOS an Android Can you make Fibaro app work with password managers, like Lastpass, Roboform, ...? It gets very handy, when you need to change Fibaro ID for connection to different Fibaro ID. It is handy mainly for Distributors or Dealers, who needs to reconnect to customers Fibaro ID, to manage something with Fibaro via Mobile. I do not mentioned end-customer because i do not know end-customer, who is connecting to 2 Fibaro IDs. If somebody has something to add or
  9. I didn't see this on the forum, but if your "a" user that does not have access rights to change anything, how come you can still read the userid/password from camera's? If you have chrome and right mouse on the camera image and say inspect, you can find below code: <img src="/api/proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fadmin%3APLAINTEXTPASSWORD%40192.168.1.61%2Fcontrol%2Ffaststream.jpg%3Fstream%3Dfull%3Fts%3D1485011648969" id="FG-39-jpegStream" style="width: 265px; float: left; margin: 20px 0px 0px 55px;"> I don't think that should be there..
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