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Using HCL as a secondary Controller



Can someone explain to me how to correctly set-up a HCL as a secondary controller.

I have a large house and noticed that some of the devices which are farthest from my HC2 have connectivity issues so i bought a HCL when i heard i could use it as a sort of range extender.

Both of the devices are connected to my LAN and i have their IP adresses.

I have fiddled around with it and now see the HCL as a Slave device in my HC2 settings => Gateways Connections. However i have no idea how to check if it is now working?

I also noticed the functionality:


add secondary controller

controller transfer

broadcast node information frame.

Do i need to use any of these.

Both controllers are on 4.057 beta.





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HCL can not be used as range extender

you can use it as a second zwave network.

so you need to exclude devices from youre master hc and include them into youre slave hc

then add slave to master (gateway) import them all. and you are ready to go

you can use all devices from master hc

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