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Sync LED dimming with RGBW and Dimmer 2 association




Is there a way to associate a RGBW controller (FGRGB-101) as a master, with a Dimmer 2 module (FGD-212) as a slave, either as a Z-Wave direct association or with a LUA script on the main controller? 


My goal is to dim LEDs connected to 110-240V AC, with a distant low voltage RGBW module. LEDs are connected to a Dimmer 2 module. 30 feet away, a 12V DC RGBW controller interprets the variable output of an analog sensor. I'd like to dim the distant LEDs accordingly to the level the RGBW module would set if it was directly connected to equivalent 12V DC LEDs. In other words, can the dimming level information of an RGBW controller be passed to a Dimmer 2? 


I know that two RGBW modules can be synchronised, but I don't know if an RGBW module and a Dimmer 2 module can be synchronised.

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Nobody answered so far, but I gave it a try and 1) it works very simply, but 2) not so well because of Fibaro:


1. The RGBW module association with a Dimmer 2 module works and is very simple to set up. In order to make the Dimmer 2 a slave of the RGBW controller, simply add the node number of the Dimmer module to the appropriate group of the RGBW module in the settings of your Z-wave controller.


2. Alas controlling light dimming with an analog input (like a 0-10V potentiometer) does not work well because Fibaro prevents the lights to be completely switched off! The minimum dimmer level (parameter 13 in the RGBW module settings) can't go below the value 2. So the lights stay on even if the analog sensor reports a 0V value… :-? 


This thread can be closed as this question was a spin-off of the potentiometer light control thread and has been incorporated into it, but I thought I should report the answer here as well.


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