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HC3 no motion for X time = lights off, how to?





How do you configure a scene that will turn on lights when motion and does not turn off until motion sensor has been safe for X time?

I am looking for both Lua and block options, if available.

Until now I have only found option for "delay" meaning lights will turn off after given time no matter if there has been motion during "delay" period.


Hope someone has found a solution for this.

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Below scene works perfect. Thanks for all contributors.

But,  I would like to modify it to include the light switch as well. If I use the light switch manually, the light will stay on until I turn it off manually. If I don't use the switch, the light will work as in the current scene (until motion sensors are breached + maxTime). How to do that?



  conditions = { {
      id = 78,
      isTrigger = true,
      operator = "==",
      property = "value",
      type = "device",
      value = true
    }, {
      id = 263,
      isTrigger = true,
      operator = "==",
      property = "value",
      type = "device",
      value = true
    } },
  operator = "any"



-- This scene turns on one or more lights: 
--    when Lux level is below a certain level (see DECLARATIONS) and 
--    shows the Lux level of one ore more Lux sensors and 
--    turns off the lights after a certain time (maxTime), 
--    unless there is motion from one or more Motion sensors
-- Please enter the right ID's (if more than one, seperate by ",") and the prefered maxTime for the lights to stay on 
local light = {26, 62} -- ID's of the lights to turn on
local motion = {78, 263} -- ID's of the Motion sensors to check if they are breached
local lux = {80, 265} -- ID's of the Lux sensors to (only) show the lux level
local maxTime = 1*60 -- Maximum time the sensor should be safe before turning off (n*60 where n is minutes)
local sleepTime = 5 -- Time in seconds between each check of the Motion sensor (default = 5)
local debug_TAG = "Woonkamer licht" -- Tag for the debug messages
-- Below here no changes are necessary
for i in pairs(light) do -- Turn on the lights
  fibaro.debug(debug_TAG,"Turning on (ID " ..light[i] ..") " ..fibaro.getName(light[i]) .." for " ..maxTime .." seconds")
for i in pairs(lux) do -- Show the lux level of the Lux sensors
  fibaro.debug(debug_TAG,"Current Lux level " ..lux[i] .." " ..fibaro.getName(lux[i]) ..": " ..fibaro.getValue(lux[i],"value"))
local safeTime = 0
while safeTime < maxTime do -- Loop until maxTime is reached
  fibaro.debug(debug_TAG,"Counting up safeTime " ..safeTime .." to maxTime " ..maxTime)
  for i in pairs(motion) do 
    if fibaro.getValue(motion[i],"value") then -- Check if Motion sensors are breached
       fibaro.debug(debug_TAG,"Reset by Motion sensor " ..motion[i] .." " ..fibaro.getName(motion[i]))
       safeTime = 0 -- Reset safeTime to zero
for i in pairs(light) do -- Counted down to maxTime, turn off the lights
  fibaro.debug(debug_TAG, "Turning off " ..light[i] .." " ..fibaro.getName(light[i]))
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