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The Button

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Questions, findings, issues and opinions about the Z-Wave button.

This category is dedicated only to topics about FIBARO The Button.

Make sure you've checked the manuals for this devices: https://manuals.fibaro.com/button/


It is not a place to dicuss problems with scenes.

Don’t post here about update-related issues, forum issues in general, competing devices or warranty issues.
When you create a new topic, include information about your setup, firmware, and which mobile devices you have (if relevant).

If you have an issue with HomeKit version of this module, please head to the HomeKit subforum.


1. Topics not belonging to the subforum will be moved immediately.
2. Mark the best answer when you receive the answer you are looking for.
3. Avoid duplicates - search the category for similar topics first. Duplicates will be closed immediately.
4. Remember to be as factual and to the point as possible. Topics named: "Problem", "Help", etc. will be deleted immediately without any notice. Give other users a hint what your topic is about.
5. Watch your language!

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