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Found 20 results

  1. Hi! My first topic! Changed parameter 30 (temperature threshold) to 15 degrees and took it out from the fridge. When temperature rised above 15 degrees the alarm went on and I got a push notification. But the volume was way to low! If its supposed to wake you up in case of fire (of course with standard setting of 55 degres) it must be much higher. When pushing the test button on the device I got a proper volume. I hope that this high volume is standard when it detects smoke but I also want the high volume when the temperature rises above 55 degrees. Or?
  2. The smoke sensor does not detect new battery. I take out the old one, press the butten for 3 sec+ and insert the new one. There is a beep but it still shows low batt. It works fine with other smoke sensors. Use last udates on Home center Lite Anye tip what coluld be wrong? Erling
  3. Hello, I have 2 smoke sensors FGSD-002. First one: When I insert the battery, the visual indicator glows red (ready for inclusion). I turn on my domotic box (Jeedom) in inclusion mode. Near the z-wave controller, I triple click the B-button of the motion sensor. Nothing is detected. I can easily include other z-wave devices without any problem. Second one: When I insert the battery, the visual indicator glows green (previously included in another controller). I want to reset the smoke sensor. I press and hold the B-button for 3 seconds until visual indicator glows white. I wait until the visual indicator glows yellow (4th menu option). I press the B-button briefly to confirm my choice. Normally, I should have the visual indicator changing colour to red and fading with a short beep. Nothing happens. When I insert the battery, the visual indicator still glows green. Can you help me? Guillaume
  4. How can I activate the roller shutter 2 to open when the heat detection in the smoke sensor is active? parameter 33 in the roller shutter is set to 'Open blind' parameter 2 in the smoke sensor is set to 2 parameter 30 in the smoke sensor I set to low value in order to tigger temperature alarm, but the Roller shutter won't open. Heat detection is been triggered Is this the correct way to do? thx Rik
  5. Since I replaced the battery (new) from my smoke sensor, my battery level stays at 30% according to the scene from @Zoran Sankovic - Sankotronic. battery check V1.2.2 What i tried to resolve it 1. after replaced the battery i click on the b-button (even tribple click, no success! 2. soft reconfigure device, no success!! 3. exclude device from HC2 / include device in HC2, no success! 4. reboot the HC2, no success! I am out of options what i need to do, to get my battery level up to 100% again. Any ideas? HC2 version 4.531beta (in stable 4.530 version the above option didnt work either)
  6. Good day. I am new to this and I need advice on the following: I have several smoke sensors in different rooms, and I need to be able to monitor on a tablet the status of these, both the smoke part and the temperature threshold. I could have it send an email when activated, but I do not know how to monitor them and see which one or more of them were activated Thank you
  7. Hi, I have two smoke sensors connected to a SC2, the smoke sensors used to report smoke density but stopped doing this at some point, not sure when or why. A self test using the center button says they are ok and temperature is reporting as normal to the HC2. I have tested both sensors exposing them for smoke, no report to back to HC2 of any smoke. Both devices are also set to "High sensitivy" How can I get density reporting to work?
  8. I have a number of FGSD-002 smoke sensor. I can’t reset or add them to my system. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi. New to configuration, I bought a Z-stick Gen5 and made a network in Domoticz. All worked fine for one flood sensor (it was included, it still detects water, it pushed a notification). But the smoke sensor somehow had "disabled" for all alarms in the tool (possibly because I replaced the battery?), so I manually changed those 2 settings and pressed "send configuration" to the device. Now I wanted to test notifications, but I can't test the sensor like I did when I bought it last year (leaving a match to smoke near it for a few seconds). Did I send an invalid configuration, like a delay? Am I testing it wrong?
  10. Hello, Some time ago I bought a home center 2. Recently I bought a couple of smoke sensors to start off with. I installed the devices with default parameters and let them be. Now I have the time to understand the system more, and enjoying the possibilities of the fibaro. First I want notifications on my smartphone when smoke alarm is triggered, temperature is high, or device gets tampered. Not to do everything at once, I started with the tamper notification. I changed the parameter of the smoke detector . See parameter 2&3. I already had a lot of problems with setting these parameters. Every time I saved them, and opened the advanced tab again, old settings were restored. Only after numberous times it worked. Does anyone have an idea why? I downloaded the fibaro app on my smartphone and started to make a tamper-notification. Then I made a Scene, and tested it with the play button. The first 2 times I got a notification on my phone. All trials after that, i didnt receive no notification anymore. Also when I tamper the smoke detector I do not get a notification, No use in making more scenes, if this one already doesnt work. Who can help me please?
  11. Guest

    Smoke Sensor FGSD-002 test

    Hi, I have a smoke sensor FGSD-002 in my house from Fibaro. It is placed close to the kitchen and I have seen that everytime I upgrade the system I get an alarm due to that the temperature has changed rapidly and that is OK (could be imporved but that is fine). So why do I write here?? Today we forgot our boiling water with some plastic things in and the smoke startad!!... OOPPS! The alarm whent off in the 'non-fibaro' smoke sensors (we have as additionals to our fibaro system, yes we are a little paranoid as we have 1 in each room). I ran into the house removed the pot from the stove (no fire, only heavy smoke from the plastic that was covering the Fibaro smoke sensor) and then started to open all the windows in all the rooms to get rid of the smoke... During this time there was a lot of alarms from all the other smoke detectores (not fibaro), but as there are so many I am not sure.. So I looked into the fibaro system and I couldn't see any notifications. So my question is, Shouldn't I get an alarm/notification to my fibaro system as there was a lot of smoke?? Sorry, I am not trusting the smoke sensor today as I can't see anything as a notification in my system. Have anybody else had problems with the smoke sensor or have had any experiense that I have had, but with a correct alarm to the system? Have anybody tested the smoke sensor and how, because I feel that I need to test it now to gain trust in the stuff again. The system I have is a HC2 with the latest upgrade. /P
  12. Hi, i bought 5 FGSD-002 in December 2016. First all was ok with them, but now one by one they have System Alert. I tried to reset bei software, and a Hardware reset with exclusion and new inclusion. Nothing worked. I don't belive that all have Malefunction, but what can i do? any suggestions? Regards Ernstl
  13. Hi I have got two smokesensors and I want to have them connected. So I one sensor starts then the other should also start. If there's a fire I want both to sound the alarm. Is that possible and how do I do? Another question, I don't understand the two devices after pairing. What's the difference betweeen the one with smoe sensor Icon and the one with Alarmlamp and thermometer? Thanks! HCL 4.105 Beta
  14. I have new server but I can add my old SMOKE SENSOR to new server.
  15. Hello all, I have a HC2 with several modules, i recently purchased 5 pcs FGSD-002 smoke sensors to include in the setup. Last week i have added 1 sensor in the Garage, without any problems, everything working fine. Now i wanted to add the ones for the kitchen and for the living room. I followed the procedure as described in the manual. During the adding device proces, the devices are added. But when I go to unassigned devices, it shows the smoke sensor is a motion sensor. I grabbed the second smoke sensor, followed the procedure again, but with same result. Both end up as motion sensor and not as smoke sensor. In addition to that, it shows that the battery level is low. I have tried: - rebooting the HC2, both through reboot button in the software, as well as a hard reboot by unplugging the power. - I have resetted the smoke sensors - I have tried to keep pressing the b button while the device is added - I have changed the device in the software to smoke sensor, but temperature readings remain 0 and the battery level states low. When added, the devices are recognised as Fibaro device (manufacturer), but the part number remains empty. The sensors are both brand new, I took them straight from the sealed box to the include process. Setup: 1 x HC2 3 x zwave.me dimmer 3 x zwave.me wall switch 1 x fibaro smoke sensor 3 x zwave.me shutter switch 5 x fibaro v2 roller shutter (4 x fibaro smoke sensor) The HC2 is connected to a router, the router is not connected to internet. Does anyone have an idea what i can do to include these smoke sensors properly?
  16. Witam, czy ktoś mógłby napisać, jak u niego wygląda wykres zadymienia i temperatury dla SS? Odnoszę wrażenie, że u mnie coś jest nie tak. Czujnik dodałem w kwietniu 2015 roku. 1. Na pierwszym Screenie widać zadymienie od kwietnia 2015 do dziś, co wydaje się OK oraz temperaturę od stycznia 2016 roku do dziś, co z kolei jest dziwne - dlaczego nie ma historii? dłuższej niż 2 tygodnie? 2. Na drugim Screenie widać dzienny wykres temperatury, natomiast nie widać zadymienia. Podobnie jest na tygodniowym i miesięcznym. Akurat wczoraj wieczorem miałem alarm kilkusekundowy z tego czujnika i chciałbym sprawdzić zadymienie a wykres nic nie pokazuje. Gdy klikam "Sczytaj dane z czarnej skrzynki" mam wrażenie, że nic się nie dzieje. Robiłem to wczoraj, dziś i nic - zero komunikatu, zero reakcji. A może do odczytania danych z cz. skrzynki trzeba go wybudzić?, chociaż podobno sam co jakiś czas wysyła je do centrali. Mój czujnik to FGSS001 Smoke Sensor EU ver. 2.5. Soft HC2: 4.063 Będę wdzięczny za pomoc.
  17. Hi, I have recently installed 6 smoke sensors spread around the house with a HC2 and various other modules, I cant find another forum topic with this, so maybe I'm missing something obvious. Is there a way to interlink the smoke sensors, so when 1 detects fire, they all activate their sounders? Thanks in advance
  18. I use a scene (luacode) to see the values of certain battery operated devices. The values are for example,: the ID, the room where it is in, the type, the wakeup time and the batterylevel. For all the doorsensors (Fibaro) and the garagedoorsensor (Vision) this works perfect. Only, the Fibaro smoke sensor V3/3 indicates that the batterylevel is 0%, nevertheless that the devices is new and the batterylevel-indicator in devices shows a 100% full icon. I suppose this is a bug. Anyone with the same problem? And can it be fixed? Thanks
  19. Witam, czy ktoś próbował wykonać aktualizację oprogramowania urządzeń jak np. SmokeSensor lub WallPlug zgodnie z instrukcją dołączoną do produktu lub informacją na stronie (patrz załączniki)? Posiadam przykładowo SS: FGSS-001 w wersji 2.5 a na stronie widzę, że ten model może mieć też wersję 2.8. Pytanie, jak zrobić aktualizację - opis w instrukcji ma się nijak do rzeczywistości. W HC2 nie ma w ogóle opcji aktualizacji urządzeń no chyba, że się mylę. W przyszłości planuję zakup nowszego SmokeDetektora FGSD-002 i widzę, że ten występuje w wersji 3.1 i 3.2. Czy mam zwracać uwagę na to, jaką wersję dostanę w sklepie lub czy będę mógł ją zaktualizować? Z góry dziękuję za uwagi, jeżeli ktoś ma wiedzę na ten temat.
  20. Witajcie, mam problem ze smoke sensorem, czy jest możliwość aby go wyłączyć lub wyciszyć spod fibaro (strony lub apki) po włączeniu się alarmu spowodowanego pożarem lub zadymieniem? Bo jak na razie to muszę go wyłączać naciskając guzik na nim. Nie wiem czy nie mogę znaleźć jak go wyłączyć na fibaro czy po prostu nie ma tam żadnego guzika który by mógł go wyłączyć w czasie pożaru lub po pożarze. Czekam na odpowiedzi.
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