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  1. Hi, I just wanted to let the forum know that I have submitted two requests to BW Systems for the HA bridge 1) Extra verbal commands - There was reference to activate/deactivate and run/stop in the Git documentation so I asked for clarity on that. I also ask for Open/Close for http requests 2) Speaker control of the echo device itself - volume up/down and mute I'll let you know what the response is _f
  2. Hi after trawling through a few sites and you tube videos i managed to get Amazon Echo to work with HC2. so i decided to write a small-ish tutorial to make life easier for anyone else that wants to do the same. Download the instructions from http://www.yorkshireautomation.co.uk/echo i have put the Raspberry Pi image file and a pdf of instructions there and it takes about 20-30mins and you are up and running..... Video Below: Thanks all and Enjoy!!!!
  3. I would like to create a scenne called "sleep time" which is invoked by amazon's Alexa by saying "Alexa turn on sleep time". The purpose is to turn bedroom lights off and switch off my Kld-40hx750 Sony Tv by sending the http post protocol (text/xml) to the TV like in attached Foto (the one is working example where I switch my tv to netflix by saying "Alexa, turn on Netflix" (to turn tv off the code is the same with the only difference in the string "AAAA..."). The Problem I have is that I can not send to Fibaro the Get Method (text/html) to turn the lights off (second Foto) and in the same time http post (text/xml) using HA Bridge (perhaps I'm wrong?). Therfore I was thinking to run the scene in Fibaro to turn the lights off simple calling function "fibaro:call(ID, "turnOff")" but the Problem remain with sending the http post protocol to the TV. I have read this can be done by making VD and sending http Protocol over it. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Between the years I had some few seconds to learn about NodeJS, Alexa Skills and Fibaro API. I was able to create a Skill for Alexa to communicate with Fibaro HC2 (HCL should work also). For now it is written and configured for German language but can easily adopted to any other language. Disadvantages so far: The Fibaro Box must be available via internet by any port forwarded to HTTP port 80 only (unless you are creating a proxy in between). Dyndns and IPv4 are useful... The skill cannot get certificated and set up easily. For using it an Alexa Skill must be created manually and the code and all other options (like intents list, custom slots and utterances) must be pasted manually. Some smaller changes in the code is needed too (abbreviations, url, port, authentication). Also Alexa is responding only after asking for the keyword (like fibaro, house ore something like this). While using the Alexa Smart Home Skill it is not possible to have more usage than other already existing skills (like HABridge). Advantages/Possibilities (just some examples): - You are able to set temperature for a special period of time - You can get and set status of global variables - You can change up to two lights at once or all lights in one or two rooms at once - You can call scenes - You can get status information about open/closed doors, open/closed windows, bot at once, turned on lights - Status information about wall plugs (turned on or off and power consumption) - Change roller shutters status (with proper words like shut down instead of shut off). If anybody might be interested he can ask me for the code. I am going to publish it somewhere (maybe Github) in the next days if anybody else might get interested in this. Also code is still not perfect. There might be a couple of bugs and it might get written better. But it was my first time I was writing anything for Alexa and with Nodejs (don't know why I have chosen this language). Also I would like to know some more ideas what could be done additional. Also I am interested if anybody has some improvements (like communicating via home.fibaro.com).
  5. Right so once again i was messing around with Fibaro and installed phone app on android Pad .P i was greeted by this (admitidley as message but still): Can i PLEASE get a stright answer out of annyone in the know - is Alexa coming or not to Fibaro? i know for a fact that it was one of things listed as "comming soon" in what used to be 5 items under ID.Fibaro.Cloud, but it is now gone (just like intercom). Now i am sure that once Fibaro gets the stolen prototype back we can expect release of Intercom so maybe developement of it hit another hurdle and had to be removed (my guess would be that its overheating, because just look at it!) but why is Alexa gone from the list? Hell there are users in this forum whom are pulling marvelous feat of including Alexa into same household as Fibaro in manner that (according to their word) works. Now i know that apple might not like to see its direct competition mentioned in the ID but its their bloody problem for not having Z-Wave not yours .P I have been very keen on voicecontroll and i am very much interested in having Alexa (which is to my knowlidge best of the best in this field today) joining with Fibaro and replace quite sad voice asistent Lili. I've tried her (Lili) yesterday and aside for making me laugh by phonetically trying my language she was unable to run scenes based upon english or even polish names (or my butchery of them ... still i think "voda" ought to be amongst most universal slavic words). infact only thing she was able to do is tell me that she did not get my command and variations on that (even tho she did at least write it out correctly). Oh and the grating voice of Lili.... *sigh* Lets just agree that it is beter idea to use Alexa rather than Lili, inspite of her wierdly lacking sense of hummor, and some quirks like playing me electric six's radio GaGa upon requesting the song.... (Lili would just claim she did not get it).
  6. Hi All, I have the HA bridge setup all nice on my linux server, but I do not know much about REST commands and how to issue them. I have setup HA Bridge to set some devices on/off etc but I just cannot seem to be able to get HA Bridge to send the request to modify a global variable. I have verified that modifying the variable works using the api's at http:<my fibaro ip>/docs However, when I try to setup what I think is similar, it doesn't work, from the picture below, is there something obvious that I am missing? (what I am trying to achieve is to run a scene based on this variable changing - if there is another way to run a scene via the HA Bridge, the please do tell!) Cheers ice.
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