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  1. Hi, I have been working with the pushover service recently as an alternative the native notification service within the HC2. I think it is worth exploring if you are looking for another option. Since it is fresh in my mind I thought I'd document it and share to hopefully help others This draws on previous work from @SDeath and @sj3fk3 and others so all credit goes to them. STEP 1 – SIGN UP AND GET USER KEY 1. Sign up at pushover.net, usual stuff. You can use a trial account for 7 days and after that you'll need to purchase a license per platform (ie iOS, Android, etc) irrespective of how many devices you have with each platform. The licenses per platform are approx €5 each so they shouldn't break the bank 2. Open confirmation email and verify account 3. Log back into pushover and make note of your User Key which will be something like ubp44xxxxxxxxxxxxxx8497aihkq and this is your User Key 4. Copy this out as you will need this in the scenes in HC2 Note: There is also a pushover email address under your user key should you need this for another project but you don't need it for what we are doing here STEP 2 - REGISTER YOU APPLICATION 1. Scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard and click (Register Application/Create an API Token) 2. Give it a Name (we call our HC2 domino so I named it domino) This will appear in your client device where you receive your messages 3. Type = Application 4. Description/URL and icon all optional. (I added an icon as it appears on the alerts that you receive on your client devices (72px x 72px, png) and attached is the one I used) 5. Check the box and Click Create Application 6. This is the second Token Key, it’s something like aphmpbezxxxxxxxxxerqjwsg. Copy is out as you will need this in the scenes in HC2 STEP 3 – ADD CLIENT DEVICES (TO RECEIVE ALERTS ON ) 1. Android/iOS - Download the app from the appropriate store playstore or appstore 2. Log in to the app using your username and password that you got when you opened your pushover.net account 3. Give your device a name and click Register Device (I think it's better to avoid spaces and special characters if possible) 4. Go back to pushover.com and on your dashboard you'll see this new device added with the name you gave it. (Clicking the Pushover icon on the top left gets you back to your dashboard should you navigate off to another page) Repeat all part of STEP 3 for all other client devices. If you have multiple you'll end up with something like following You will see an Alert in your pushover app for each device that is added Within the pushover dashboard you can set up quiet times, groups and aliases but you don't need any of this to get started. STEP 4 – HC2 SETUP 1. Create a variable called pushoverBody in the top part of the variables panel 2. Create a new scene called pushoverSend and copy the following code into it ( this is the 'engine' that will call the pushover api and send the alert) 3. You will need to add your own user key and token key to line 14 -- SCENE THAT SAVES THE DATA TO THE GLOBAL VARIABLE 'pushoverBody' AND SENDS TO API --[[ %% events %% properties %% globals pushoverBody --]] -- Stops the scene if gv not populated if (tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("pushoverBody")) == 0) then fibaro:abort(); end local selfhttp = net.HTTPClient({timeout=2000}) local tkn, usr = "a51eryn9t2qcg5bvoubzhqs29z2yc6", "u2n4tb99eckm6qw3hz365ts9r5z6r8" local msg = fibaro:getGlobalValue("pushoverBody") local requestBody = 'token=' ..tkn ..'&user=' ..usr ..msg selfhttp:request('https://api.pushover.net/1/messages.json', { options={ headers = selfhttp.controlHeaders, data = requestBody, method = 'POST', timeout = 5000 }, success = function(status) local result = json.decode(status.data); if result.status == 1 then fibaro:debug("Success: " ..result.request); else fibaro:debug("Failed: " ..status.data); end end, error = function(error) fibaro:debug("Success: " ..error); end }) --Reset the gv to 0 for next message fibaro:setGlobal("pushoverBody", "0") 4. Create another scene and call the pushover Test 5. Copy the following code to run a test (Change line 11 & 12 to the names of your device(s) that you wish to send the alert to. I have included 2 devices on my sample code) Change the Alert/Message Text as required -- CODE THAT SENDS THE DATA TO 'pushoverBody' GLOBAL VARIABLE -- THIS IS THE PART THAT YOU INCLUDE IN A SCENE TO SEND THE ALERT --[[ %% events %% properties %% globals pushoverBody --]] local dvc, prio = "Dad_Phone,Kitchen_iPad", "0" local ttl, msg = "Home Alert! - Panic", "Panic activated from Home." local requestBody = '&device='..dvc ..'&priority=' ..prio ..'&title=' ..ttl ..'&message=' ..msg fibaro:setGlobal("pushoverBody", requestBody) 6. Confirm that you should see an alert on the devices that you specified This is the code that you can put into any scene that you wish to send an alert from, making the necessary adjustments to receiving devices, message and priority should you wish Full details of the API can be found at https://pushover.net/api After 7 days it will stop working and you will need to purchase the required licenses at ~ €5 each .. and that it !! -f
  2. Good evening. Please let me know if there is a possibility for the Home Center Lite equipment to make a scene so that when the front door opens a room will send me a photo of who entered or left the house. I mention that at HC2 and HC3 I created this scene and it works. At HCL, even if there is a correctly configured and functional camera in the device, my camera does not appear in the scenarios when I want to configure when opening the door to send a photo by mail. May? how come? Thanks
  3. Recently i got a weird notification: "Application rejected request". I couldn't find any explanation for it. Any ideas what this means?
  4. Hi, Anyone knows the correct form for the interactive push notification on HC3 please? I have tried local body = { type = "MobilePopupNotification", priority = "info", data = { title = "sampleTitle", text = "sampleText", button = { buttonId = "1", type = "CANCEL", caption = "ON" } } } local response, code = fibaro.homeCenter.notificationService.publish(body) But it doesn't do anything apart from showing a new notification in the UI with nothing in it and nothing on the mobile devices. Thank you
  5. Hello everyone, I recently bought the home center 3 to replace the 2. I wanted to know if it was possible to receive a notification if the box went out or lost internet access? I've had frequent power cuts in my neighborhood and don't want to have to throw away half of my freezer again . I don't have the possibility to install a generator, I would just like to be notified as soon as possible. Thank you in advance! Have a nice day! Steve
  6. Hi, Lately I suddenly have to restart my HC2 (4.590) often to get the push notifications working again. Anyone have any idea why this is? Thank you in advance!! Kevin
  7. Hi! Is it poosible to get HC2 to send notification to the user/android device that run the scene which activates it? For example, if a create a scene that is closing my garage door and then wan't to send a notification when my sensor has confirmed that it's really closed "door is now closed", then I would want the notification only to be sent to the one who run the scene, not to all users or a pre-defined user. It's of course possible to create a scene for each user but it would be nice to have "dynamic reciever".
  8. I Cannot get the alarm system to send notifications when there is a breach in the sensors. i create a scene if for example the motion sensor is armed and breached then ..... (see photo) The phone show in the users page but do not show up here. Can someone help me please.
  9. Version 0.0.1


    Get a notification/push when IDLock is unlocked by code or RFID Other possibilites Instead of having default value for name (example ->> "name":"User 60") you can easily change from User 60 to a real name instead. In a new scene add this lines and Press Start to set the name local ID = 1067 -- IDLock ID fibaro:call(ID, "setUserName",60, "Jonny") 60 is the slotID you want to change.
  10. Witam. Ja z takim pytaniem odnośnie powiadomień push - czy spotkał się ktoś z taka sytuacja ze oprócz zaplanowanych powiadomień jak np. o alarmie dostaje masę innych pustych wiadomości na telefon? Sprawa ma się tak ze powiadomienia które sa zaplanowane działają bez zarzutu natomiast oprócz tego na telefon przychodzi w ciągu dnia i NOCY cała masa pustych powiadomień - i nie wiadomo skąd i dlaczego? Jest to uciążliwe gdyż zdarza się kilka do kilkunastu razy na dobę! Dodam tylko ze problem występuje tylko i wyłącznie na telefonach z Androidem (S6 i S4) a na pozostałych urządzeniach z iOS problemu nie ma. Sprawdziłem konfiguracje kilka razy, przejrzałem już chyba wszytko, zrobiłem restart centrali a nawet i twardy reset do ustawień fabrycznych po czym skonfigurowałem wszystko na nowo i problem jak był - tak jest nadal. I tylko na szajsungach- na jabłku działa jak należy. spotkal się ktoś z czymś takim u siebie?- jakieś pomysły co może być nie tak lub gdzie szukać problemu?? ponizej dwa zrzuty ekranu - puste powiadomienie o 21.18 i zaraz o 22.00 ponownie następne - także puste. I tak dzień w dzień po kilka razy. POMOCY.... 
  11. Hi, i have problems with notifications on Fibaro HCL. I have preinstaled my smartphone and after that did not receive anymore notifications. I have seen in the Configuration of Fibaro that there are 2 phones with the same name. Have deleted it and then logged in my phone again. In some scenes it appers the new phone, and can select it and notifications worked. On some scenes apper the old phone and notifications did not work.
  12. I have a HCL and motion sensor. I'm trying to send a notification on my mobile "iPhone 5s (ios 11.2.1) " i've downloaded the latest version on the application as well as upgraded the HCL to the latest firmware. When I made a scene and add a push notification on it it doesn't work at all. I wonder why do I have this problem. Any Help?
  13. A lot of you were asking how to mention other users in your posts. Here’s a step-by-step guide: 1. In case when a particular user is yet to be involved in a given thread, all you have to do is type their nick preceded by „@” (no space) 1. In case when said user had already contributed to a given thread, all you need to do is click on the „@” symbol next to their nick by their post. In both cases, the effect would be the same. The user’s nick would appear in a blue border and they’ll receive a notification:
  14. I’ve had 3 smoke sensors installed to my HC2 and would like to know if there are other kind notifications (to my mobile) that can be programmed to take place when alarm is triggered. At the moment I only recieve an email & a small notification sound, this means that if I’m away from my phone at that exact moment I won’t know it’s triggered unless I open my phone & look at notifications. Can I activate some kind of alarm or ringing that will go on until I access it? As it is I don’t see it been very effective....
  15. I have bought the Home Lite system and try to program the fridge wallplug to send a notification by loss of power. By use of graphic blocks programming I don't get the option to write the notification. By use of the Magic scene interface I've tried using parameters: power less than 1W and change in state as triggers for the notification, but nothing happens when power is cut. What do I do wrong? Greatful for your help
  16. Hello. I have 4 RGBW modules controlling Chinese cheap RGB LED stripes. They are all on firmware version 26.25 which is the latest update. Also I can write that they are all working OK. I noticed that sometimes I get this messages in notification window on top of the web GUI interface: This is definitely not initiated by me. My HC2 is on 4.140, but that was also happening on 4.130. I had to soft reconfigure all of them before making upgrade. One of the RGBW modules soft reconfiguration ended with non configured state and I had to do forced deletion and inclusion but that one is not causing above notifications. Is there anyone else with same case? Is there anything I can do to stop this?
  17. Does anyone know if HC2 can send a notification to your phone on which user (person) unlocks the door?
  18. Hi, Can you make different notification sound for Fibaro iOS app and user will choose which one he uses? Ofcours as editable settings. @I.Srodka or @T.Konopka, can you pass this to R&D department?
  19. An option to to filter spikes of degree changes would be ideal. Sometimes the sensor are not very accurate for a short of period, like this screen-shot. Ideally the system need to verify the degree or wait for X second before it sends notifications.
  20. Hello , I don`t understand why my flood sensor doesn't send FLOOD ALARM, I have HCL Version 4.120.If I try to make a scene who send PUSH notification it work.I don`t want to make a scene to recive information about FLOOD. I want to recive an alarm state or something like this. Whitout scene I don`t recive any alarm or message if this sensor is flooded.. I try to reset and resync my sensor and install on HCL older version. Give me some ideea!!!
  21. Witam, czy ktoś orientuje się, w jaki sposób można zdefiniować wysyłanie przez HC2 powiadomień Email o dowolnej treści - nie chodzi o powiadomienia definiowane wcześniej. Przykład: Wyślij codziennie w południe Email z wartością temperatury i wilgotności z wszystkich 8 czujników Everspring w domu: - Salon: Wilgotność ...%, temperatura ...oC, - Sypialnia: Wilgotność ...%, temperatura ...oC - itd. Z góry dziękuję za pomoc.
  22. Hi all, I want to set up Notifications (Push/E-Mail) for many sensors (door/window, flood, ...). If I use the notification feature of the sensor, I can only select predefined notifications from the notification panel. But if I write static text there (like "window open), I don't know which window it is. Is there a possibility to include a variable in the notification panel text which uses the device name, device room or similar? Use the notification panel like a very basic template? Otherwise I would always have to create a single magic scene for each sensor, and if I want to change text, I have to change all manually... Regards, Andy
  23. I have a wall plug on a freezer and need to know I have a power loss in the garage where the freezer is. Tried to find something that could notify me when the power goes down but havent find anything in the Home Center Lite thx Mike
  24. Hi, I recently installed three smoke detectors (from Popp) which are included perfectly (I think) and should then be linked. But I am a bit confused about how Fire alarms are supposed to be set up in an HC2 system. In contrast to a burglar alarm, fire alarms are always on! Disarming the fire alarm is not generally something you would like to do. I set up an alarm functionality for a flood sensor by setting up a push notification message and then set that to be sent (+ email) on a state change of the device (in the advanced panel). Is this how one should handle smoke/fire alarms too? Please enlighten me... Fredrik
  25. Hi, As far as I know the mobile app of Fibaro on Android smartphones uses one sound only for all kind of notifications. At this moment I don't know if I receive a (not that important) message or that my house is starting to burn down. I would like to have the option to give motion and smoke detection a different sound. If possible a choice of sounds for different kinds of notifications. Anyone have a working solution? I have a HC2 therefore LUA won't be a problem.
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