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  1. Has anyone done this before. or know if it possible? Or maybe with another z-wave compatible device?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Some of the standard icons i customised to get a better look and feel for my HC2 - - - - - 11.07.2018 - adding some new icons for a unicorn led lamp - - - - - - - - - - 29.08.2018 - adding some new icons for different temperatur sensors - - - - - Some icons for the on/off state of different devices i used with a Fibaro Wall Plug Icons for a Bora BIA extraction hood Icons for a MCO MH7 Different icons and colors for a Philips Hue Iris black or if somebody used the older Philips LivingColors (clear/black) Unicorn led lamp (an upcoming project) Different combination of alertings Some states of the day Fibaro CO Sensor Fibaro Smoke Sensor Fibaro Flood Sensor Fibaro Motion Sensor Some other temperature sensors
  3. Hello, I'am recently trying to make a wireless temperature sensor for the swimming pool. on the Forum I found examples with an old doorsensor FGK-101, but these sensors are EOL and not for sale. does somebody know another way to attach a Fibaro Temperature sensor DS18B20WTP to HC2. thanks in advance.
  4. Here is a challenge: I previously had a Davis weather station (now defunct) with a rather neat feature. About 200 m from the house, without a direct line-of-sight, I installed a temperature probe to measure sea water temperature. This was connected to a transmitter, which communicated with the central unit through a solar powered link in a tree half-way. This enabled me to read the sea water temperature on my weather station (to see if it was attractive to go swimming!) I am now in the process of installing a Fibaro system in the house. It would be nice to reinstall the same feature on the HC2. I see two possible paths forward: a) Similar to the old solution, by using a z-wave temperature sensor by the water, some sort of repeater half way, and pick up the signal on the HC2. or b) Connect the temperature sensor to some sort of mobile internet connection (narrow band, preferably, as I will not need broadband for this), transfer the data to a "cloud", and the somehow download these values to the HC2 over the internet connection. For a), any suggestions on equipment and vendors that could do the job will be welcome. As for b), my main question will be how Fibaro HC2 can include externally downloaded data in its display. Or maybe you can come up with a better solution? An option c) or d)...?
  5. I am a new user to Home Center Lite. It appears that the default configuration report temperatures in degrees celcius. Is it possible to change it over to using fahrenheit? I thought that clicking on the USA flag in the General Information tab of configuration would set it, or perhaps setting my location in the USA, but neither appear to change the default degress units.
  6. Cześć, czy żeby obsługiwać np. Heat controller i czujnik temperatury trzeba mieć centralke czy nie. Jeśli nie to czy google home może zastąpić centralke?
  7. Hi Fibaro. I am using the Heat Controler with Homekit automation for some time now. No major problems with exception to frequent calibrations (which you need to address by the way). My issue is that whenever the Controller starts its cycle of descaling or calibration or whatever it is doing (engine works loudly for a couple of seconds), it doesn’t resume the temperature setting it had before. It sets itself to 20 degrees Celsious. I have to set the temperature back to its previous setup manually from automation again. My mode is set to manual and hold. The temparature is set by automation. My hub is atv4k. Could you please help with this?
  8. Hello, recently i installed a new FUSB with 1 temperature sensor (DS18B20). The problem i have, is that it will fluctuate extremly. Attached you can see 2 sensors. The red line is a Fibaro smoke sensor, with built-in temperature sensor. Blue is the FUSB. Both have the same settings for reading and communicating to HC2. Does anyone know this problem? Or have a tip to fix this? Thanks!
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Monitor: Fan speed Temperature of the Pit and core temperatures of Food1, Food2 and Food 3 probes in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Status of each of the temperature sensors ("OK", "HIGH", "LOW", "DONE", "ERROR", "HOLD", "ALARM", "SHUTDOWN"). Status codes are also available as global variables for use in block scenes. Control: 1. Temperature setpoints for the Pit and Food1, Food2 and Food 3 cores. 2. Timer and timeout actions (none, sound alarm, hold pit at set temperature, shutdown fan; or any scene-based action you specify. 3. Ramp the pit temperature (cook and hold) from any selected food item. Installation and configuration: Install the CyberQ WIFI VD, which you can download below. I will also post it on Fibaro Marketplace. Enter the CyberQ WIFI IP address and port number in the advanced settings. Scroll down to the main loop section to set the authentication details.
  10. - Can we use temperature info as trigger for other event? Such as turn on fan - Can we keep history of temperature info, for example interface out to other application or keep it on the cloud?
  11. If a temperature sensor is installed in a room, that one is selected as temperature for the room (displayed at several places on the UI and used in heat control or so). Is is possible to have a value of virtual device defined as temperature of the room? Sorry, I found another item about this subject. This can be closed.
  12. Dear Forum-gurus, I´ll try to explain this as briefly as possible. It might not even be such a big problem, but i just can´t seem to find a solution by myself. Heres the explanation of what I want to do: At our cabin/vacation home, we would like to be able to control the temperature with two different modes; Home and Away. The salesman who put us up to the idea of Fibaro, suggested the Wall Plug as a unit to control the on/off power of the Heating Panels in the different rooms and use the Temperature Sensor built in to the Smoke Sensor to trigger different scenes depending on the temperature. Now; I am able to tell the Wall Plugs to activate and turn on the heating panel if the temperature of a room gets below say 20°C and turn off again if the temperature reaches say 23°C - by using scenes. What i don´t seem to be able to is to make a "MASTER" scene to activate all the different scenes within the cabin. This means that per wall plug and temperature sensor, i need two different scenes for the low and high temperature - as well as two different set of scenes depending on which mode i need to activate (I.e: Home or Away). This means that i´m left with quite a lot of scenes to trigger on or off. I guess my question is if theres any possibility of making a "MASTER" scene that triggers a defined number of scenes to turn on or off - and that way make both a Home and an Away mode? I´ve tried looking into the "Heating Panel", but it doesn´t seem like it´s compatible with the Wall Plugs. The system i use is the FHC Lite. Please let me know if theres any relevant info i´ve left. Kind of hard to put this into words.
  13. Helo, From one day to another, temperature reporting stopped on my devices(Danfoss RS/FGMS-001). I checked it in the event panel, it reports(motion,lux etc) everything but the temperature. Sensors are responsive to the motion, i see the correct temperature, but it does not report back to HC2. I'm using them to control my heating via linked devices..Parameters are set correctly. Any ideas? Thanks!
  14. I would like to be set and/or use the (current) temperature from the heating panel in a scene / using conditions. Example: If there hasn't been movement in the house for a given amount of time, the temperature set in the heating panel can be turned down.
  15. I added dallas tempsensor to my already existing binary sensor. excluded the sensor and included the sensort again. i would have expected a temperature sensor to be added next to the binary sensors. Unfortunately this did not happen. anyone have experiences like this and has a solution ?
  16. Hi everyone, I have 4 Fibaro flood sensors and am noticing that 3 of the ones in the same room report temperature to the controller following seemingly different criteria. On the extreme one hasn't updated the temp in the last 13h while another (distance of about 2mts) has sent over 20 updated in the same time period. Could anyone explain to me how they are supposed to work? Thanks, Mat.
  17. Hi Fibaro Fw. 4.140 drives more stable than many Fw. before. But I'll be very happy if you want to help me get the "Temperature Panel" to work again. Facts: 1) It does not work on Fw. after 4.100 2) It works again if I go back to 4.100 3) On Friday it is a whole year ago. 4) T.Konopka has reported it 11 months ago. https://forum.fibaro.com/index.php?/topic/23269-temperature-panel-does-not-work/&tab=comments#comment-103011 5) It is a very long time to wait for a solution. 6) Has written on Forum d. 10/03/2017 7) Has written on Forum d. 07/10/2017 8) Has written for Support d. 14/9/2017 9) From Support # 105741 10) No answer to anything. 11) It's not just my system that does not work. 12) But I have seen Forum that it works for some people.
  18. I found a very curious bug with the ZW5 version (version >=3.2) of the FGK-101+DS18B20 temperature sensor. When explicitly requiring a temperature report [thru "Sensor Multilevel Get" -> "Sensor Multilevel Report" commands], the actual temperature value reported via the ++synchronous++ Sensor Multilevel Report answer is buggy : +/- 0.5 to +/- 1°C random error from the correct temperature value; the variable size of the error is similar to what you would expect using only 8 bits of resolution from the DS18B20 measures. But when the FGK-101 itself sends an ++asynchronous++ report, after setting parameter#51 "Temperature reports threshold" to 3/10 °C and parameter#52 "Interval of temperature reports" to 4hours, then the temperature reported by the SAME Sensor Multilevel Report() from the SAME FGK-101+DS18B20 is correct !?. Note that parameter#50 "Interval of temperature measurements" is set to 60 seconds, which precludes such large variations in so little time; I also tried setting it to 5 seconds, no difference. I found this problem while developing a FGK-101\ZW5 handler for the SmartThings platform, but I would expect this bug to be present as well with the Fibaro Home Center 2... unless Fibaro uses some "hidden parameter" which corrects this bug. At that point, I have no idea how to correct this bug, except by removing from my handler all "Sensor Multilevel Get()" synchronous temperature requests, and relying only on asynchronous notifications. Interestingly, the correct asynchronous Sensor Multilevel Reports come CRC16-encoded, while the buggy synchronous ones come in clear. That suggests to me 2 different branches of code inside the FGK-101 firmware, but does not help me to workaround this extremely curious bug... And the same handler works fine with the older FGK-101 (version <=2.5). While I expect the same bug to exists when pairing the FGK-101\ZW5 to a Fibaro Home Center 2 controller, I would still be interested in getting a confirmation, which would definitely exclude the SmartThings hub from the list of suspects. Any help or suggestion greatly appreciated : this has been driving me crazy for days !
  19. Does anybody know the ACTUAL resolution programmed into the DS18B20 chip when inserted into the ++ZW5++ version of the FGK-101 ? The resolution of this chip is programmable at power-on to 9, 10, 11 or 12 bits, giving respectively 0.5, 0.25, 0.125, 0.0625°C increments. With the pre-ZW5 versions of the FGK-101, the resolution was clearly 12 bits, which happens to be the DS18B20 default resolution at power-on. But using the ++ZW5++ version of the FGK-101, with the SAME Device handler, I get DISCONTINUOUS readings, for instance 22.4, 22.8, 23.1, 23.4, 23.8°C, but NEVER values in between, such as 23.5, 23.6, 23.7°C for instance. This is consistent with a 0.25°C / 10 bits resolution only, which would be a major regression compared to the 12 bits of the pre-ZW5 FGK101+DS18B20. And AFAIK, there is no customizable parameter which would allow me to force 12 bits resolution back. Note that since all FGK-101 temperature parameters (51, 53, 55, 56) are given with 0.1°C quantum, only a 12 bits resolution is consistent with those parameters.
  20. Any one have an idea how I can make a scene that sends me a push or e-mail on a specific time with the temperature reading from one of my outdoor sensors?
  21. Dear all, I installed a new smoke sensor, flood sensor, with my Starter Kit. Both of them have multiple channels (temperature, smoke, ...). So if I want to assign a smoke sensor to a room, I always have to assign the smoke sensor, the alarm with the temperature icon (no idea what this is), and the temperature sensor. Is this correct? As the sensor is 1 device, what sense does it make to assign it to a room each, instead of just assigning the "device" itself? And another question - is it possible to set up something like a "Catch All" Alarm, so I can configure a magic scene / setting whenever any alarm happens (battery low, window open, motion detected, smoke, ...) to collect everything and react on it? Regards, Andy
  22. Hello everyone, please I´d need your help. I have purchased the RGBW modul and connected the RGBW Led strip to it. It works great. I wanted to also connect 1 temperature sensor (LM35). I believe I did connect it as it should be, yet I can not see the extra widget for the temperature (once inlcuded). The set up allows me to sellect (rgb, rgbw and in/out). Did anyone set up the RGBW modul with led strip as well as with temp sensor? Thank you, Tampiss
  23. Hi, I've got a Fibaro D/W sensor (new Zwave+ version) to which I attached an external temperature sensor (the DS18B20: https://www.sossolutions.nl/waterproof-ds18b20-digital-temperature-sensor-extras?fee=4&fep=3315?utm_source=shopping&utm_medium=adwords&utm_term=Waterproof DS18B20 Digital temperature sensor + extras&utm_campaign=shopping&gclid=CMGR0-Xer9ECFZG6Gwodv0QPXw) It does measure the temperature rather well, but what's strange is that it fluctuates with a pattern. Attached images show what I mean. I heated the environment of which I measure the temperature. The temperature is gradually rising, but as you clearly see almost every 30 minutes or so (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter) the sensor gives me a temperature that's lower than expected. And what's strange about it is that this reported lower temperature is exactly the same for some hours and than suddenly rises to a new level that keeps constant for some hours. Does anyone has any idea how to solve this? regards, Theo
  24. Log the outside temperature (from the weather) so you can compare it on the consumption graphs with the inside temperatures. This way, you can analyse why the inside temperature suddenly droped or why on particular days your electrical heating consumption went up.
  25. Hi all, I'm trying to code a VD which allows me to read out temperature, humidity levels and weather type. Basically I have all working well now, but for the humidity and temperature I get the full string as output: Humidity: 81.000000000000000 Temperature: 6.0000000000000000 .. instead of getting the output with 0 decimals plus the special characters. I'd like to achieve two things: 1. limit the output to 0 decimals 2. add the percentage- and degree centigrade character behind the output I've searched the web and found there are multiple ways of doing this, but I can't get it work due to lack of knowledge on my side. Anyone who can help me out, please? To test you can use the below code to read out the HC values, which are being taken from the Yahoo Weather service: fibaro:getValue(3,"Temperature") and fibaro:getValue(3,"Humidity") Thanks and best regards, Mark
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