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  1. Hi All, Question is it possible to activate a scene with the Double Switch 2 (FIB_FGS-223) . If I go through the advanced parameters then parameter 28 says: Parameter 28 S1 switch - scenes sent This parameter determines which actions result in sending scene IDs assigned to them. But if I try to create a new scene I don't see the option "sceneactivation" Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  2. I have a in wall toggle switch that i connected to my HC2 (latest version). it has been working great until now. The device will be working and then becomes "dead" "communication problem". if i awake the dead node and press turn off/on it says "transfer OK" and turns on/off the light. it stays this way for a while then goes dead again. Distance should not be an issue as it is about 10 feet from HC2. all other devices and scenes are working. I do not understand why this device keeps going dead even though it can still receive a command. Can someone help me understand what is happening and/or have a solution?
  3. I have a smart switch 6 made by AEOTEC. It took several attempts to add it correctly in HC2. Once it did it added the switch and a Volt and Amp meter. The Amp and Volts work just fine but switching the switch on and off does nothing. to turn it on and off I have to press the action button on the switch. even if I do that the status does not change on HC2. Can someone explain what is wrong? Fibaro bug? I know there has been some issues in the latest versions with parameters but I don't see why it would cause this issue. *Note when I added it on my first several attempts it would say not configured but. was able to turn the device on and off successfully (so I know it does work). this did the same thing on 4.540 and 4.541 beta.
  4. I have a Jasco in-wall dimmer (26932). When I go to add it (by selecting or deselecting every option) the device adds and it says configuration finished. But when I go to the devices they all say not configured. It turns off the switch and when motion is detected it turns the switch back on, but the motion does not indicate a breach. It also added two lights for some reason. Does anyone have advise on resolving this issue or should I try another brand of in wall dimmer? I am tired of Fibaro not being able to add all of my devices properly!! HC2 4.600 device is 2” away from antenna
  5. Hi, I have created a LED lamp spot without a wallswitch. The idea is to control this light remoteless by z-wave. I tried to connect the wires without using the IN1/IN2/IN3/IN4 but it's not working. (I can't detect the z-wave device and it's not responding to the reset button) Do I need a wallswitch to have this up and running or do I need to rewire the IN1/IN2/IN3/IN4 some other way?
  6. There are 25 digital pins on the ZUNO but can all of them be used for binary input/output using a Fibaro HC2? Thanks for any advice.
  7. Hi everyone, Could you please tell will it be OK for Double Switch 2 loose power on a regular base? I mean to put it in between a main switch and a load. So it is going to loose and get the power several times a day, will it be OK?
  8. Hi, I've a garage door with Came V600 engine and Came ZL55 mainboard. I decided to use Fibaro keyfob to open and close garage. My steps: 1. I connected a momentary switch to pins 2 and 7 on the mainboard. After pressing the button garage opens, after second press the garage closes. So far so good. 2. I disconnected momentary switch. 3. I bought Fibaro Relay Switch FGS-212-EU-v2.2 and made connections as follows: L - 24VDCN - 0VDCQ - pin 2 on the mainboardIN - pin 7 on the mainboard 4. The relay switch is visible in my HC2, so I change several options: a) Controlled device - other device b) Parameter 4 - 1s c) Parameter 14 - momentary switch 5. Now I can click instead of press button. Unfortunately nothing happens. So I've changed Parameter 4 to 0.5s. It didn't help. What am I doing wrong? Kind regards, Michal
  9. I have single switch 2 module and two way wall switches configured as it is shown on the image. The unknown area is where the lights are (in one case I have 2 lights and in one case 6 staircase lights - but this is not relavant). I stated "unknow area" because I am not the one who were wiring this lights (electritions did) so I am not sure how the wires go to and from the lights to the wall switch... I can only open the wall switches and they are wired as you can see on the attachment. So my question is if this is enought information to put the single switch 2 and it will work or I need some wires from or to the light also ... I have tryed to wire it like it is mentioned in instructions: - Put blue wire in N - Identify the Live wire with voltage tester (in my case the black wire was always on - so it is Live) - I have put the black wire then in L on switch - And other wire - brown to Q - L and S1 to wall switch And this wiring has worked for me and I can manipulate with it - but I have one problem with second wall switch... It has to be always turned on, so my circle is working... If I turn of the Switch 2 (wall switch) the circuit was breaken I guess because it stoped working. So my question is if I can manage to fix this thing with the data that I have, or how can I proceed? have I done something wrong? I can say that I have also try to connect the Single switch 2 modul to second switch, but in this case I can't use the switch for turn on/off the lights... I don't have any more ideas for how to fix this. Should the single switch 2 modul always be in specific wall switch, or is it always possible to put it in one or the other wall switch? Thank you for your help!!! Kind regards Jani
  10. One day ago I received a lot of module firmware update notices for the Fibaro switch I can upgrade now from 3.2 -> 3.3 Biggest question, what's new ?where are the release notes ? I see no other mentions of this update or am I missing something. Hope someone can help me out here. p.s. I tried posting in the "Modules Update" forum but could not select it.
  11. SerrII

    Lamp flickers

    Hello, i tried today to install my Walli Switch, which in itself works but the lamp starts as soon as I switch it on via the switch to flicker. I do not know why it can be. Maybe I connected the switch but wrong why I search for help here in the forum. Note: I do not have a neutral, which is why I bridge the over Q Best regards SerrII
  12. Hi, When a device suchs as a dimmer, switch or Fibaro eye needs to be replaced it gets a different device number. so i have to change all the scene's where its in. is'nt there a way to replace the device without change the device ID? its quite a lot of work to change al scenes where its used in. If this aint possible, it might be an idee of adding it to one of the next firmware updates? Like a button: Replace device >> delete old device>> then include the device >>> and it keeps the same Device ID, so no changes need to be made in all the scene's it is in. Greetings TSN
  13. Hello, We have few light switch installed with Fibaro and one of them was Double Relay Switch (old model of Double Switch 2 with In and L). We bought a Double Switch 2 to change this relay because we wanted to measure power consumption. Double Relay Switch was/is installed on one Double (mechanical) switch to control two separate lights. One light can be controlled only from this switch, the second one can be controlled from more places / switches. With Double Relay Switch there was no problem, we installed it at the first attempt and everything was working as it should. After we bought the Double Switch 2, we just replaced the Double Relay Switch, every single wire we connected to the same input/output and turn the power supply on - and here magic happens. The left mechanical switch (S2) works fine, the right does nothing (S1). Absolutely nothing, no click sound in Fibaro Double Switch 2, no lights. Then I tried to turn the light on with the app through Fibaro - at it works for both. OK, I tried to switch the S1 and S2 wire to check if one of the Fibaro Double Switch relays is false. But, another magic, the left mechanical switch still works (S1) but the right does nothing anyway (S2). From this it looks like there is some problem with the mechanical switch. So i took one of the wires for light and put it directly to the right mechanical switch to bypass Fibaro - vuala, the right mechanical switch does work and the light is switching on and off without any problems. At this moment I was feeling helpless and just uninstalled the new Double Switch 2, took the old Double Relay Switch and installed it back - it works as it should! What the heck is happening here. At the last, i just tried to install Double Switch 2 to a different double mechanical switch - different circuit. It took me five minutes to install everything the same way as with the previous and in this it is working! OMG I really don't know what I'm doing wrong so the Double Switch 2 is not working in place where Relay Switch is working without any problems! Any ideas please? Thank you!
  14. Drodzy Instalatorzy, Mam taki problem: button steruje światłem (1x -> oposite state - zrobione przez 'magic scene') - niemniej jednak raz na jakiś czas dzieje się tak że to przełączanie strasznie muli, po kilku przełączeniach zaczyna reagować normalnie. Załączam zrzut z panelu zdarzeń gdzie widać z jakim opóźnieniem reaguje światło. Może ktoś ma pomysł co może być przyczyną i jak to poprawić?
  15. Hi, I want to build in a single switch outsite. The place in under a roof so waterproof is not a requirement. The switch operating temps are 0-=30 degrees celcius. What happens if the envoironment of the switch goes below zero? Shoud i then cut of power and its okay? Wil it break and/or catch fire? Is there an alternative zwave for switching below zerro?
  16. Hi, My Fibaro Wall Plug (FGWPF-102 ZW5 v3.2) is acting weird lately (it worked fine before). Everything is working fine (I can switch it on and off from Domoticz as well as with the 'B'-button) as long as I don't plug in a device. If I do plug in a device (I tried several different devices all with the same result) then the LED ring changes from White -> Blue -> Green -> Yellow -> Red -> Magenta and it then switches off as if it is consuming a lot of power (which it isn't). In the attached video I show it while trying to load my telephone. I already tried resetting the Wall Plug but that didn't help. Question: Is the Wall Plug broken or am I missing something here? Thanks in advance for your answer! IMG-0845.MOV
  17. Hello, I bought a Single Switch 2 for my bedroom but I have 3 wall switches linked to each other. Their link is something like that: L and N -> S1 <-> S2 <-> S3 -> Q L is main line (for me 220V), N is neutral and Q is the light. How can I wire it correctly? Thank you in advance
  18. Hi, I have been having trouble installing last dimmer in our flat in a circuit that has 3 momentary wall switches and one switch in a fuse box. I have a spare Fibaro Dimmer module but not sure how to install it. The approach that i am trying is to to install the module prio to the fuse box switch. I am attaching the photos the switch. Can someone point out how the dimmer module should be incorporated here? Let me know if there is any additional info that i should provide, Thanks in advance!
  19. I'm in the planning stages, and would like your comment on these plans: 1. I intend to use one RGBW controller to control two dual-white LED strips, each having two inputs (warm and cold white). One strip will be connected to R&G, the other to B&W. Control of color temperature will be through scripts/scenes. The RGBW controller will be located in the ceiling panel, near the transformer for the LED strip, on the low voltage side. 2. In some rooms I will have a regular LED lamp as well, controlled by a Fibaro dimmer. I plan to connect this lamp (220 V side) directly to the dimmer switch S1, while addressing the RGBW by S2 using an association to input channel I1 and I2 (or I3 and I4). On the RGBW controller there will be no physical connection to the input channels, as they will be controlled through Z-Wave. On/off and dimming will be achieved by switch S2, which activates both LED strip colors. 3. In other rooms, the LED strip will be the only light source. In this case, I would still like to hide the RGBW in the ceiling with no direct connection to the wall switch. Behind the wall switch, I would have liked to have a simple Z-wave controller, without a 220 V relay, which through association could address the RGBW remotely. As this does not seem to exist, do I need to install a regular Fibaro switch without a load on S1 instead?
  20. Witam Mam problem ze switchami pod które podłączone mam lampy. Switche są w zasięgu centrali HC2. Wszystko działa bezproblemowo jeżeli załączam i wyłączam je z włącznika klawiszowego. Problem pojawia się podczas załączania z użyciem aplikacji bądź sceny. Switche dostają wtedy okresowo "niestabilnego" stanu i kilkakrotnie załączają się i rozłączają (słychać jak przekaźnik klepie kilkakrotnie). Rezultat jest losowy swiatło właczy się lub nie . Co może być przyczyną takiego stanu i jak temu zaradzić? Proszę o poradę mądrzejszych gdyż nie daję już rady.... Z góry dziękuję
  21. When i installed a dimmer2 and connected it to mij hc2 it created a set of devices. One is de dimmer to put on of or control light power One is a remote switch. How can i use this? I see 4 numbered events where i can activate scenes. The manual is verry verry basic and does not tell the full operation and nothing about programming on hc2. What i understand is: push puls switch once: lights on to previus power strength push puls switch again once: lights out Pusch puls switch two times : lights to maximum How can ik regulate light strength with the puls switch? Or is this not posible? Then programming. Can i read puls switch events to scenes? Is this done bij de remote switch device? What is event 12,13,14 and 16? Can ik opperate de dimmer bij programming and ignore puls switch actions ( i want to use the puls switch actions in custom scenes). A lot of questions. I hope there will be some answers. Thanks for that.
  22. I have a Fibaro Double Switch Relay 2x1,5kw (v. 2.2) and recently i buy another with v.3.2. I observe new features and parameters in version 3.2 (like real power consumption, no estimated from user). How can i made firmware update, it is possible from v2.2 to 3.2?!? I try "check firmware update" but don't find any update, answer is up to date. I have HC2 /4.141.
  23. Has anyone successfully added inovelli's 2 channel switch (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01K6J1Y1I/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) into HC2 or HCL? I have one but everytime I add it to my devices it says "not configured". it gives me 3 switches that are controllable manually but cannot be added into scenes (see screenshot). can someone help?
  24. Hi. My currently situation in my hallway (look wirring diagram!). So, which fibaro module to use to get this to work? I have one phase L1 to first two-way (toggle switch). Ceiling light is connected to the last two-way switch (There is no connection box between). Beside last two-way switch i have another 2-pole switch for my water heater (there can I place fibaro module - there is another one phase L2 and neutral wire to power fibaro module). But here is another problem. Switches for light is on phase L1, but power for fibaro module will be taken from Phase L2... Check again my situation wirring diagram..... So, how to wire fibaro module to control my hallway lights and which fibaro module to use? What is best solution on this situation? Please, help...
  25. Hello everybody, I'm new in this forum and also in this "business" so please tell me if I make any mistakes and so on. At the moment I'm doing a renovation in my new house. We have decided to make all the electronic and cabling new. A bus system like KNX was discussed but in the end to expensive in my opinion. For the moment I "only" would like to control my rollers, my two jalousies, two LED stripes and maybe the spots at the ceiling via smartphone and if possible additionally via Amazon Alexa. The first idea was to use Warema web control because the jalousies are also from Warema but I don't wanna use different apps for all the things I like to control now and of course in the future. Warema doesn't need any switch on the wall for controlling (they use a "Pluggable radio receiver for an STAK/STAS connection" directly in the blind box) so we haven't placed switches at the wall for the rollers and Jalousies. In the meantime, I was nearly clear to use Homematic for all these things but while I was searching if everything runs as I imagined via Homematic I found Fibaro. Now I think this is the best for me!? What do you think? Summery: - is Fibaro the right Smarthome solution for me? - which Fibaro solution is the right one for me? - does Fibaro and Amazon Alexa work together? - does iOS and maybe also the Home App from the iPhone works with Fibaro? - is it possible to control the rollers, my two Jalousies and two LED stripes without and switch and how? I would be very grateful if you help me asap. Thank you very much in advance. BR Marco
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